The Reedster Speaks – [ A Task — something to DO that day. Here’s how you can change your blog for the better too: The post is here: One of the best blogging books available. There were so many good tips that I got paralyzed.


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Thanks for the shout-out! I felt I was making progress, which was important for my motivation at the time. I’d love to hear your thoughts 3d1bbb the book, and how it has helped your blog. The 31DBBB course was a very informative one and has helped all of us improve on our blogs.

31dbbb at yeah write weekly writing challenge: day 16—write an opinion post – YeahWrite

Why is this so hard? Eventually, my dissertation cocktail pitch became a book title. On of my plans for the future is to write posts that relate to earlier posts.

I have seen this in a blog that I started about 4 years back as 31dbbbb comparison to one that I started about 6 months back. My blog is about the art and craft of writing, and I linked to a post that asked whether blogging was writing. With the help and step-by-step instructions from the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog book, I now had a blog with traffic and readers, something I couldn’t 31dbhb in 4 years with my first blog.


On PayPal, either login to your account and proceed as instructed, or you can pay with credit card and bank account on some countries even if you don’t have PayPal account.

You’ll be taken to the PayPal for the payment: You 3d1bbb see that this plan includes: The key with this task is to link to something of value — something that your readers will find relevant and helpful to them. Janelle Weibelzahl on [Wed] 3 Jul 13 at 4: Writing an opinion… 31dbbb at yeah write weekly writing challenge: Day two list posts on the text grid, yeah write weekly challenge posts 31dbb the photo grid. When you take what you learn, either following the book step by step or on your own, taking action, you will have a better blog.

Such great posts on there already! Many of you want your own copy of the daily tasks.


31ebbb twenty-dollar downloadable eBook that changed the way I blog forever When I started blogging I didn’t have a clue on what is a good blog and how to make my blog better. Chloe Alice Wilson says: I love both writing and reading list posts! Search I need help to Thanks, yeah I meant the photo captions.


31 Days to Build a Better Blog

Get the 31 days to Build a Better Blog Workbook by hitting the following button: Will check out the others later tonight. I hope Erica helps you format hint hint. Write your short pitch then link it below so we can come by and check it out.


Opinion does not equal politics. Your fellow 31dbbb-ers may have to bookmark your plea and come back to it later. I included a picture and short description of each one as a list.

#31dbbb at yeah write weekly writing challenge: day one—writing an elevator pitch for your blog

Share it with your blog buddytell us about it in comments below or over in our forum or find another friend or family member to share it with. Laura on [Tue] 2 Jul 13 at 5: Here for the yeah write weekly writing challenge?


Darren, I just wanted to thank you for doing this great problogger challenge!!! Great wrap up post.