To enable this feature, use the provided checkbox options on the pass phrase dialog. I’ll be happy to respond here, but I’d like to also mention that we have both public forums at http: Thank you, Svante, for taking the time to respond. You can create self-decrypting files that you can ship to users who do not have AxCrypt installed. It’s almost trivial for any encryption software to embed your password in the encrypted file content. The likelyhood is small though, since it’s been out there for a long time now, and it’s been reviewed formally several times, and there have been countless persons peering at the source code for many years.

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Specifically it has no provision for automatic re-encryption, no secure delete. This is where you’ll find most of the functionality of AxCrypt.

Online Password Manager and File Encryption – Xecrets – AxCrypt – Axantum Software AB

Personally, I trust AxCrypt. There is no way without the password to know the e-mail address of the person who encrypted axantum axcrypt particular file, or who it is shared with. I might be wrong, but I have a fairly good insight into the tradeoffs made. I’d prefer not to switch to Veracrypt, because my paid cloud backup provided can’t do incremental backups from a hidden volume.

Please note that encryption does not protect you from data loss. This is in order to validate the subscription status and synchronize the keys held by the server to your local device.


concerned about Axcrypt requiring email and password

It is an entirely clean download and install. This is the secret that will protect your data from viewing by others and undetected tampering. Posted 29 June – It’s vital that you ensure that you actually type what you think you type, xaantum that you remember this pass phrase. If you are using a pass phrase only, AxCrypt will protect your information within the limits of that pass phrase. AxCrypt 2 has even more functionality and is much easier to use, and to share encrypted files with others should axantum axcrypt wish to.

If there’s a axantum axcrypt security issue found, we will certainly update version 1. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Perhaps Svante or someone else can advise me on that. Full bit strength requires a meaningless sequence of at least 22 characters.

What we store on the server, which relates to the password, is a small number of files axantum axcrypt with your password. Even if our server would be compromised, the permanently stored sensitive data stored there is encrypted with your password, which we do not store.

Posted 23 June – Yes, we do trust that. Nothing axantum axcrypt, not the software, not the secured files, not the secured account keys or anything else. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. Sign in, turn off internet connection. That’s another assumption – that current standards for Internet-encryption such as SSL can be trusted. Shredding documents Did you know that documents that you delete can be very easily recovered by any number of third party tools commonly available on the Internet?


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Also, it’s not unsupported – axantum axcrypt just not actively maintained. I already use a password manager that I like. You can create self-decrypting files that you can ship to users who axqntum not have AxCrypt installed. We would not be affected by a axantu, example directives concerning requirements of key disclosures or backdoors made by government agencies in a large english-speaking union of states west of the atlantic ocean.

C’est bien, ras axctypt manque que le mode d’emploi complet, tres bon logiciel. We just might not update it if required for Windows Next, and if you find a bug we might not fix it but rather suggest you use version 2.

Thank you, Svante, for axantum axcrypt the time to respond. I’ve been testing Axcrypt 2.