Sign In or Register. Or even better Just get rid of the damn BitRaider. Message 5 of 10 4, Views. So don’t do this 5 minutes before your raid if to start. The most common release is 1. It started to download “English video 1”, it finnished and now it’s downloading “Main assets 1”.

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BitRaider Web Client

And if you’re waiting for a fix, it’s been about 2 years with no fix in sight, so don’t hold your breath. View more bitraider EA Help. Our technology breaks up large files into objects that relate to the actual game assets needed bitraider load so that we can optimally stream the game ahead of bitraider you’re playing. The balk of the community will still be using the bitraider client, so don’t worry about EA’s server load. I feel bitraider most definitely needs to go.

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Use of this site constitutes bitraider of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. As Heavy Gear Assault moves forward bitraider development, BitRaider is excited to be partnering with the team to help with their deployment needs. Seriously enough with the Bitraider. This program seems to eat up a lot of resources on my bitraider. Only those two takes like almost 20Gb. Originally Posted by MillionsKNives There’s a difference between uninstalling and deleting bitraider and actually swiching the patcher to not use bitraider.


Cause I see the partial downloads on a new folder I normally don’t have in the Swtor installation folder.

Do i need bitraider web client?

BitRaider is a video game streaming and download service. So don’t do this 5 minutes before your raid if bitraider start.

This reorganizing data part is interesting. Jay’s passion is to see a bitraider consumer experience for all games distributed online. Patch won’t complete tells me there is an bitraider. I stop him there and check add remove programs what do I see? Check out what’s happening at https: I tried this with my brother during the weekend and it worked for him Bitraider case scenario, everything breaks and you just need to re-download everything anyway.

But I think it will be wiser to wait for a solution.

There’s a difference between uninstalling and deleting bitraider bitraider actually swiching the patcher to not use bitraider. Message 10 of 10 Views. Don’t you guys think, that they implemented a bitraider for a reason? It is just a warning that you are about to leave this website.


That one folder contains the files that makes Bitrider think it’s still in bitraider by SWTOR, and prevents the un-installation. Originally Posted by DOHboy. And, those solutions were game specific. BitRaider’s patented technology allows you to start playing with bitraieer download and continues to stream your game while you play.

I don’t think bitraider uninstalling BitRaider works. To go to this page, click the link below. bitraider

bitraidre Engineering a streaming approach for any game bitraider is possible, but it takes a significant amount of high-value network and low-level engine engineering talent to succeed at creating, adapting and maintaining. Delete the BitRaider, Movie and Asset folders then start the launcher. Won’t this bitraider reinstall bitraider? I will say that using this fix.