Or you can use these comands: If you have an anti virus installed on it you better to stop it’s process for while during installation [ think: Cannot find PRL on the server. Above all, use MML unlock blackberry is the best idea. Indeed, there are about 4 major solutions to unlock blackberry phones.

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Their names show the suitable phone model. Just follow these steps that worked for me: Sorry multiloaader of now the storm and javelin are not included if i figure out a way i will post! It use a MFI application which is said blackberry mfi multiloader be a software used by Blackberry software designers.

This step will explain installation procedure 2.0.3 Windows 8. There are also three unlocking way by software. I wanted to know if I can get the xml file… I dont have it. This multiooader is actually our main step. Run MFI to unlock blackberry. The last is extract your re-register mml filethere will be two files extracted. Above all, use MML unlock blackberry is the best idea. Or you can use these comands: BlackBerryFlashing ToolsTip trik instalasi software.


MFI MultiLoader v – Page 2 – GSM-Forum

Basic softwares are Blackberry Desktop Manager and. After its done it should display a 1 on your phone and pass on the mml Multiloader program. Copy MML to C: Really refreshing take on the information. But there are few guides on the Internet help those people. If you are having trouble with mass storage mode download the fix from above, and follow the directions and it will fix mi mass storage problem!

Not all necessary, well 2. MML Should connect again. The informations was really help full thankyou author, but i would like to ask for blackberry mfi multiloader more question. Cannot find PRL on the server.

Blackberry Unlock using mml

Unlock blackberry with MML. You can find it very easy by Google search. Download and setup MFI V2. Its easy at all Go to http: Make sure you have disconnected your computer to network. Unlock blackberry with MML Digital media. Extract them one by one in the different folder so you will easily to find your file need to run.


Blackberry Unlock using mml

I hope this helps someone. Next Post Next post: I used multiple versions, and all worked. Now you have an unlocked myltiloader Okay, it found my phone but now I get a boot room look up error and im forced to restore the BB.

Did you still remember I asked you to setup Desktop Manager?