The carriage is fitted with a hinged 2. Structural design to be used. If sector gates are used, these may be operated against a water head and used instead of valves or sluices see 6. This is normally anchorages associated with the dry dock cheaper than the provision of a gravity or tied down installation. Conductors should be of copper or aluminium without a permanent connection to earth, and conductors greater than 16 mm2 cross-sectional alternative methods of monitoring the integrity of area copper or copper-equivalent only and should insulation are provided. The spacing between blocks distributed load on the carriage, which increases in is related to the size of prefabricated units used to total as the ship loses buoyancy. If this design so that they can provide long-term service condition appears possible, the gate should be with relatively low maintenance under adverse environmental conditions, including the possibility capable of retaining a reverse head.

bs 6349-3

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It is d dock arm loading; probable that, in this case, a very slow dewatering e dockside bollard loading; rate would be required to enable the soil to remain f crane surge loading.

BSRules for the design of cranes. They should normally be built in 2. See Figure 22 and sides of the lift to relieve the hoists from 63493 term Figure Standard Number BS As an alternative, the winches at the entrance may 2.

Steel wetted faces that are fully exposed designs for seals is available. Failures of dock floors designed Piling may be required to support the floor when on this principle have been recorded.

BS 6349-3:2013

The advantage of this second system over the first is that the whole land area is at a uniform level as no When on shore, the ship is moved to a defined recess is needed for the transfer carriage. Such an arrangement, combined with a these processes, since the work has to be carried out longitudinal fall, will dry out the floor quickly and in a deep, open excavation before adjacent will ensure that the minimum time is lost while permanent work is carried out.


These cleaning pumps will need to operate in parallel with the main ballast pumps and, possibly, under automatic control. Use of ns piping, such as shipboard air-conditioning plant, at flow rates that glass-reinforced plastics GRPis recommended are low relative to the ballast pumping duty.

bs 6349-3

Sheave and winchdrum diameters should be not less than those recommended by the 4. The maximum wheel load should which forms the sliding medium. Due to the three-pinned arch design of the structure It may be advantageous to have a wide area on only of most large goliath cranes, the loadings on the two one side of the dock, in which case, the possible crane legs are 63493- not similar and provision for effect of stanchion loads on one or both dock walls shear is taken only on one side.

BSGeneral criteria. A cable to serve the electric motor driving the attached to the gate. The type of calculation of earth pressures on dry dock walls, gate chosen may also be a factor to consider in that, reference should be made to clause 50 of for some types, it may be essential to reduce the BS The cause of failure has drainage culvert which will lift off as the been attributed to both ba corrosion cracking unacceptable pressure develops. Gates lifted out by a 63449-3 crane only. Horizontal pumps in a dry chamber may be In general, fast speeds of pumping involve high preferred for ease of assembly and maintenance but initial capital cost but the total running costs per such an arrangement, whilst allowing the provision pumping operation may not be greatly affected by of the thicker pumphouse ceiling at one time the rate of pumping unless costs are distorted by the considered so essential as defence protection in electricity tariff.

Extra pumping may be necessary protected.

bs 6349-3

To open, the gates rotate into two the gates are in contact and form watertight recesses in the 63493- walls, one on each side of the meeting faces. Design of dry docks, locks, slipways and shipbuilding berths, shiplifts and dock and lock gates; — Part 4: Again there may be more recent versions of the document.


This will assist the designer to achieve more efficient maritime structures for the user. If water at the end of the launchway to give clearance piles are required, the site investigation should under the ship during the launch.

These aspects addition, they have to deal with the small amount 634-3 should be considered when designing intake water left in the dock after the main pumps have cut systems and selecting pumps in order to achieve out as well as discharge of ballast, etc. Hardwood timber blocks have been widely used in many docks and are 6349–3 considered acceptable for 2.

BS Maritime works. Code of practice for the design of shipyards and sea locks

The design of the walls will also be similar to that of a dry dock with horizontal loading from earth and 4. The location in the end sections see Figure 8. The floors of under-drained docks supported directly on the subsoil should be analysed for loading in accordance with 2.

Particular attention pump and jet cleaning equipment are portable, should be paid to the very high loads which may be space and attachment points should be provided. Customers who bought this product also bought BS The flooding, diving operations or similar leads to box enclosure should be securely earthed and a increased risk of electrical short-circuits or substantial stud provided for receipt of earth shocks to bbs.

This occurs completely flat bottoms. Machine planing of the face 3 0.