Tweet Recent reviews by this author. The High] – EP. Listen on Apple Music. These Swedes certainly know how to make an amazing song that will have countless ravers around the world singing, dancing, and having a good time. For example, “Beam Me Up” is as close to the zenith of pop-electro as anyone save for the most inventive producers around will reach.

cazzette eject pt 1

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Login Create a Profile. Blind Heart Remixes – EP. The High [Radio Edit]. Brostep Emeritus November 19th Comments.

Cazzette – EJECT PT 1 [Debut Album]

Beam Me Up Radio Edit. In the end, this EP probably won’t change your opinion on electro house. These Swedes certainly know how to make an amazing song that will have countless ravers around the world singing, dancing, and having a good time. Given that, though, a lot of electro house releases fade into anonymity immediately because many songs in the genre sound too damn similar for their own good. For all the hate electro house gets from more “cultured” electronic music fans, there’s still something to be said for it.

CAZZETTE “Eject: Part I” EP Review

Staff Reviewer November 19th Comments. Its simple structure, instead of almost insulting the listener’s attention to detail like most songs of its ilk, remains interesting and almost invigorating through the song’s entire 6-minute run time, and it’s designed almost fject for the average dancefloor while still being a quality song. It’s so hard for me to find anything worth noting that could help you out. The previous statement can be said for the entire EP as well.


Keep up the great work. MikeC26 November 19th Comments.

And TMobotron, I’m not so much referring to people like you who can really articulate what they don’t like about music, but rather guys all over the Internet on forums and blogs who dislike this stuff with a burning passion simply because it is in fact electro house. Beam Me Up The Remixes Tweet Recent reviews by this author.

cazzette eject pt 1

Sylvan Esso What Now. She Wants Me Dead feat.

An above-average electro house release – take it or leave it. Despite, or perhaps because of, the duo’s success, they announced in that they would stop touring their live show and focus solely on studio work instead. The album’s final track is “The Rat,” which reverts the album back to their unique electronic style, supplying electro key and string progressions, until dropping moombahton beats that both speed up and slow down in tempo throughout the track, with the track’s rapid fire synth.

And so when you say “it’s unfair to say it’s bad simply because it’s made for a more general market than critically acclaimed styles cazzete garage or IDM are”, that’s true on its own, but unfortunately I think most producers who try to reach that general market dumb their sound down quite a lot and follow that same rinsed formula again and again.

cazzette eject pt 1

Review by Will R. You were just hit in the face with the dject of bass lines in recent memory. If electro house is your thing the EP is worth a listen, otherwise you can just ignore it unless you have no idea what electro house is, in which case this EP isn’t a terrible introduction.


cazzette eject pt 1

This album is one that will most likely ejject for a tremendous gain in the duo’s following, as well as set the stage for what to expect for the upcoming releases of the 2nd and 3rd parts of “Eject. As great as this EP is, there is frustration by their die-hard fans of not having an official download and streaming it online.

SIMGE Stream: Cazzette – “Eject Pt. 1″

Desserts – EP Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. From metal to disco to indie rock to pop, Sweden produces a surprising amount of great music for such a small country.

So, in short, the biggest songs, EPs, remixes, and rarely albums are usually released from a few artists on a handful of labels, which isn’t quite the healthiest possible scenario for electro house. For others, though, this will be exactly what its genre needed – it’s fresher than a lot of the expired electro today, and that may well be all it needs to succeed. The Dragon Flies feat. This song takes you on a never-ending, colorful, fluffy journey.