I love the song. Dierks Bentley had a whole lot of fun shooting the video for his new single ” I assure you before the day was over I had mud on me. How did the opportunity for you to star in the video come about? Taking that into consideration, Dierks and video director Wes Edwards decided to find some folks who loved to have an uninhibited good time.

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The next day I received a call informing me I got the part. The song’s title, “,” is derived from the California police code that gives an officer the right to involuntarily confine someone whom they believe has a mental disorder that could make them a danger to themselves or bbentley.

She told me that everyone was professional, organized and most of all really nice. It was a dream!

What Does 5-1-5-0 Mean? The Answer to Dierks Bentley’s Hit Song [VIDEO]

Dierks is an incredible artist. Watch the official video and the outtakes on the DBTV episode below. Retrieved January 10, Recording Industry Association of America. Retrieved June 1, Mud-bogging is an off-road motorsport in which participants drive their vehicle, usually a truck, through a mud pit. Dierks bentley 5150 did the opportunity for you to bentldy in the video come about?


Dierks Bentley Previews New Song ‘5-1-5-0′ – Exclusive Video

I was directed on set. No, Dirrks was my first time ever being behind a video camera. Yes, I love Country Music. The winner is the person who goes the farthest distance in the mud pit.

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Retrieved 13 May One day while on a run, Beavers passed a cop car and thought of the slang term for police, which is ‘po-po’. Watch Dierks Bentley’s ” Video. Not one to let a little thing like a stuck truck take away his fun, Dierks jumped right into the mud pit.

Posted by DB Congress at 3: Views Read Edit View history. The two talked about the love they had for the Van Halen album dierks bentley 5150 bentldy pronounced fifty-one-fiftyand the phrase never left Beaver’s head. DB Congress Fri Jun 15, Country NewsExclusives.

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Its weird seeing myself in a video, but overall I think everything was a huge success. What are your thoughts on the song and final video? It was evident on set! I met with the director at a coffee shop and spoke with him. My background is in singing.


Beavers said that he changed the pronunciation from “fifty-one-fifty” to “five-one-five-oh”, and rhymed it with “somebody call the po-po” after seeing a dierks bentley 5150 car. The music video was directed by Wes Edwards and premiered in June What was your favorite memory of the day while shooting? By definition, is police code dierk a person who is mentally ill or crazy.

I flew out two days later. It was released in April as the third single from his album Home.