I don’t think fashar is used in Iraq either; never heard it there. Did you hear what the neighbor said? Xence , Jul 23, He wishes I’d invite him! This building belongs to all of us and he doesn’t have the right to lord it over us and tell us what to do. In Palestinian Arabic we can also say “fashrat 3eeno!


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MahaodehJul 23, Josh, I don’t know if this helps. Basically, it’s a self-righteous expression of determination and defiance. Fashagti Khaleeji it means curse or insult as well.


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All Dialects: fashar فشر

I am curious as to the variety of meanings of this word in the dialects, so you post indeed helps. Is it used as a response to when someone says something that isn’t true English “That’s a lie! Your name or email address: Alexandria, Egypt Arabic Egypt.

GhabiJul 23, I actually was wanting an eastern dialect example more than anything else although I would like to know the usage in Egyptian and other dialects. Smi3et shuu 2aal ij-jaar? That’s not how it’s used in Palestinian Arabic. Dictionary and thread title search: Share This Page Tweet.


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And like Elroy said, so it has multiple meanings. He wishes he could get away with that!

Thanks to all of you for your responses. Wissam New Member Lebanon.

Hi, As a lebanese guy, I guess elroy explanation is great. In that context it means “She wishes she could be my girlfriend! He said from now on no fasyarti is allowed to let his kids play outside behind the building. GhabiJul 22, Mahaodeh Senior Member Arabic and English. I was asking on behave of an American friend of mine who has a Lebanese friend and related a story to me in which the Lebanese fasjarti was on the phone with someone who asked about “so-and-so” being his girlfriend to which he responded “fashar.


It is also used in Khaleeji. Well, in that case it would be “fashrat” because the reference is to a girl. Josh, You are welcome brag,boast is the MSA meaning. MarcBJun 4, Well, I wanted to know what the word meant generally, not just in this specific example.


As a verb and as an interjection. No, create an account now.

XenceJul 23, I did this and I did thatnot like the “usual” lies but not less condemnable. Thanks Elroy for bringing this up -again- thus fashati me to notice what I failed to notice before The verb fashar which didn’t come by my mind until now is widely used, but in it’s adjectiv form, in Egypt: I suspected fashharti was more to it than I was aware of as I have personally never heard it or used it in context.