ATC operators and pilots may use accented speech when communicating by voice, and sometimes verbal instructions can be misunderstood for example “Descend for four thousand feet” or “Descend four four thousand feet”? We don’t use cookies on this site, and we don’t track what you do while you’re here or after you leave. For most users, it will be best to switch the browser to full screen mode F11 , so that the screen won’t scroll unintentionally. And that’s where you have the opportunity to help. Fortunately this bug does not exist in Chrome or Chromium, so these browsers are recommended for use with this MCDU device.

fmgs trainer

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I cant seem to figure this part out.


Your privacy is completely respected. Our device is intended to help you learn, so we pay more attention to detail and ensuring that everything is as realistic as we can get it. You will get best results with a PC running Chromium for Linux in full screen mode. You may be able to correct it by rebooting the FMGC.

fmgs trainer – Ground School – AirSimmer Support

Please log in to reply. This would result from something dramatic happening, such as something breaking loose during the flight, or all the passengers running towards the tail of the aircraft and stopping there. For that lesson, you can skip straight to page 5 if you have no interest in real-world aviation and only want to learn the MCDU procedures.


Posted 02 May – I really hope someone out here would be kind enough to help a fellow aviator under training.

In the lesson panel on the left side of fms page, you will see it has been divided into 3 sections. If it is more old then your airline sucks and you should contact me and let me know which airline so I can avoid flying with them!

GTX graphic Card. The lesson body may need to be scrolled in order to see all of the content.

fmgs trainer

If you have never experienced this AP effect before, you could be alarmed to see the compass tape moving about, but this is not a problem as long as the aircraft keeps moving forward trainfr the correct ground track. We do not share, trade, or sell private information about our users to other websites or corporations.

If you don’t have a VOR to lock onto, then autopilot can be set to HDG and you set a heading instead of a ground track. And of course they are still flying around and banging into each other. Tough break, but we need more money! This site doesn’t work even slightly without JavaScript enabled. A few claim to have done it, but their stories haven’t been verified yet.

When ATC responds, pay attention to the instruction because they will not just clear you to turn to the heading but also instruct whether they want you to turn left or right to the new heading.


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LakerClearance, roger we take runway 4. This help file is due to be updated and will be given a new separate page with much more detail.

fmgs trainer

V 1 — this is the theoretical “point of no return”. I totally agree with you on the first part, i guess you’re right, maybe it isn’t cool for me to ask for a “download link” on a public forum.

Posted 15 March rmgs It’s more accurate to describe it as the border between two different atmospheric regions: Ground tracks are more accurate from the ATC perspective, because a ground track is always true. The only problem is its pretty old and it dosnt seem to recognize various waypoints and VOR’s which is a bit annoying to programme it all in.

A320 FMGS trainer

There is no way to override this, so you either have to press ESC to exit the search feature, or click on the MCDU again to reset the keyboard focus point. An offset is similar to a deviation. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. You need to enable it. This is another Firefox keyboard problem.