Having that kind of control is great. Added clear cache message to getting started page Removed duplicate settings page Updated opt-in message Fix: Use the plugin for a while and I am fully satisfied! It has everything a modern lightbox should have, such as unobtrusive arrows, themes, nice animations and two captions. Support for the Pro versions of the Foo products is very detailed via their ticket system, not via the forums here.

foobox wordpress plugin

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It does not organize your images, or set up foobod, or organize albums. Now includes a 7-day free trial of FooBox Pro! Click to see more on the official site of FooBox! Note the creative use of four available captions, different video options and custom link usage. Fai una donazione per lo sviluppo. Comments Hi Bob, Thanks so much for the detailed review and plhgin words about the plugins we create.

I would like more options for lightbox appearance, but then perhaps that would slow things down? The ability to offer a fullscreen button to allow visitors to toggle between fullscreen and normal mode.

Translations Serbo-Croatian by Borisa Djuraskovic. We do this, because we do not know if the page content contains media or not. If you want wordpgess control over when FooBox assets are included, you can now exclude the assets by default, by enabling a setting. They have some documentation on that here. And make sure you check it out on your tablet or smartphone to see how mobile responsive it is. I have always encouraged people to offer their readers the ability to share posts easily from their WordPress site.


In that case, wordpresx other choices are:.

foobox wordpress plugin

Logged in just to give a review that there is a unremovable ad for a trial of their software. I can only recommend it! A new metabox is now available when editing your pages or posts.

And, as you can see, you have different variations of what the caption will show using your Image TitleImage Alt or Anchor Title. Our goal with FooGallery was to utilize as enough of the core image and gallery plgin functionality that is already established into WordPress as possible. Ask New Question Sign In. Still have a question?

FooBox Pro Plugin for WordPress

Often when we wordpresd our images, the titles are automatically hyphentated. Updated to latest Freemius SDK 1. FooBox can become an integral part of how you present your media for all size screens.

GOOD Like the text overlay and customising option.

How does WordPress load plugins? How do the settings look like?


FooBox Image Lightbox WordPress Plugin |

Girl sledding at winter time wearing red – Child, Girl, Red. Also, if you want the power of more dynamic galleries, you can use the free plugin FooGallery and have even more control over your gallery settings.

foobox wordpress plugin

What are the free plugins I can use for my free account on WordPress? And only dismisses temporarily. I would like more options for lightbox appearance, but then perhaps that would slow things down?

FooBox Image Lightbox WordPress Plugin

Try Jira for free. Here you will find options to control what images actually will appear in a lightbox. A variety of extensions to bring even more power to the FooBox plugin, including FooVideo for advanced video galleries.

foobox wordpress plugin