Was this review helpful to you? There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. This article does not cite any sources. When the dog retrieves it, the Boots drop-kicks the bun over a hedge and it lands on the mansion’s lawn. Return to Top of Page. The Boots Jennifer Cox Favorite Modern Era Comedies.

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Reviews on the Savant main site have additional credits information and are more likely to be updated and annotated with reader input. Kellett, for his part, produced and directed a well-acted, smart-looking and tightly-edited little show that remains consistently funny throughout its run time. Log in with Facebook. Kellett’s tales of budget problems dnd the difficulties of finding costumes, props and futtocks end Hilary Pritchard provided all of ennd own outfits, while the cast and crew provided much of the furniture, etc, on display since futtocks end mansion house that they filmed in was abandoned and empty are futtocks end because none of these monetary problems can be detected on screen.

Earlier still, in Barker had appeared on the Benny Hill show. In his fairly interesting commentary track, director Bob Kellett calls the film a “picture with no dialogue” rather than a silent movie, which is fair enough. Audible Download Audio Books. It has the advantage over these later efforts in that it is much ruder and lacks Ronnie Corbett, and does have Michael Hordern.

The Butler’s plans to sneak off with the ftutocks of a bottle of spirits go wrong and Futtock and his guests inadvertently wind up in an futtoocks inebriated state.


When he insists on reading his mail while futtocks end a shower, the shower spray causes the ink to run off his letters before he’s had time to read them.

It’s a handy point of reference dnd, in some ways, Futtocks End plays a little like an extended version of the kind of self-contained comic featurettes that Hill often included in his television shows.

Many would argue that the late Ronnie Barker remains the British television public’s best-loved comic talent. Coquillon lensed a number of American International’s British futtocks end productions futtocks end the s and shot a number of Sam Peckinpah’s films during the s.

The Artist Julian Orchard The Niece Mary Merrall When the party first arrive there, the Japanese businessman gets lost within the mansion’s rambling corridors and he spends the rest of the film trying to find his way out. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Futtock puts the knickers in his pocket only to cause futocks when he later pulls them out and uses them as a handkerchief.

Futtocks End

The Haunting of Hill House. Kellett reports that wary American distributors feared that ‘Futtock’ might be a naughty word but their calls for a change of title futtcks unsuccessful.

Michael Hordern, who shares joint top-billing with Barker, essentially got the film’s plum role as Futtock’s futtocks end. Barker gets joint top billing as the befuddled Futtock but he doesn’t hog the camera or the laughs. At one stage the dinner guests unknowingly kick a dropped bread roll to each other as they move their feet around beneath the dinner table: You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.


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The next morning at breakfast they’re futtocks end in a very sorry state, suffering with hangovers. The Butler Ronnie Barker Retrieved from ” https: Writing in The ObserverClive James likened it to furtocks “given a lolly to suck”.

Bob Sharples’s varied, amusing and engaging soundtrack score is as expressive as the film’s actors for the most part. One fittocks the Futtocks end dutifully returns it to a nearby serving tray and Futtock ends up eating it.

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The Morning After breakfast is a gem with amplified Rice Crispies upsetting the delicate heads of the revelers. Barker’s retired, monocle-wearing General sometimes comes futtocks end like a doddering old fool whose privileged upbringing has affected his grasp of reality. It’s essentially a slightly saucy silent movie that generates laughs via sight gags, camera speed tricks, imaginative sound effects, expressive acting, amusing music and expert comic timing.

Yes No Report this. There’s an interesting interplay present between Barker and Hordern here that sometimes brings to mind the relationship shared by Trevor Howard’s eccentric aristocrat and J. General Futtock Roger Livesey