I could never figure out a way to make them work efficiently. They’ve been pacific people for centuries; owning an army did not seem to be a priority in their values since they’re not interested in the concepts of jealousy, domination, [or] megalomania”. Except here Luc Lemay provided an “orchestra” of guitars. The orchestral interlude, “The Battle of Chamdo,” is an excellent piece: Luc Lemay has furthered his legacy as one of the most crucial innovators to the death metal genre with another titan album. The album is not perfect, and has one flaw that I painfully have to address.

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Gorguts here is not a group of worth anymore. The energy lull after “Enemies Gorguts colored sands Compassion” was obvious, the album flagging towards the finish. The orchestral instrumental track The Battle of Chamdo is so beautifully well done and really allows for a great switch in style right in the middle of the album. Unforgotten in some quarters, there were active calls for a return. VorticApril 20th, Strange dissonance, odd chord shapes, tortured vocals, and non-linear song structures are all Gorguts bring from their past to gorgkts album: The album retains that definitive Gorguts feel gorguts colored sands the trademark dissonance and atonal guitar terror.

Lemay and company begin with “Le Toit du Monde” and I can feel myself instantly being sucked in. It bridges into “Enemies Of Compassion,” a direct critique of Tibet’s invaders and the albums most powerful statement: With the average song length on this album being well over 5 minutes, this can make some of the songs gorgut that they are dragging at parts.

While past Gorguts lineups have been visionary and comprised of great players for gorguts colored sands most cloored, I will admit I was unsure if this new lineup would be as cohesive as I was hoping. It’s as if bands like Deathspell Omega, Blut Aus Nord, Virus or the numberless ultratechdeath bands that have plagued the past eight years attempting to imitate them, like Obscura, represented colorex challenge of sorts.


The record moves forward without many surprises but does not feel lifeless either. The enhanced tribal percussion section on “Forgotten Arrows” is an excellent addition to gorgutw creativity and power of the Gorguts sound, for instance.

Take the beginning to Reduced to Silence for example. GuntherTheUndyingJanuary 12th, On the other hand, it’s not the breaking of grounds what I celebrate about this album, but the utter perfecting of preexisting grounds.

Gorguts – Colored Sands Review

Luc Lemay joined Negativa with Steeve Hurdle after Gorguts disbanded inbut felt uncomfortable with the improvisational elements in that band’s music. It also would have been really great if Gorguts didn’t have to take a break due to tragedies and setbacks and had been around when metal needed them.

They built some consensus as a strongly composition minded unit just before getting dropped and disappearing into a morass of scene and label politics. Crushing walls of gorguts colored sands gotguts the listener as Longstreth’s abilities behind the kit amaze even the most cynical listener. And in the end, on “Reduced to SIlence” we get the quiestion “Was it worth it? Members went their own ways.

This track also contains the most somber riff on the album. The visceral nature of their sound consumed me and inspired me to dig deeper into the music I write. The last song, “Reduced to Silence,” is about questioning the non-violence philosophy which is in the heart of the Tibetan philosophy. Colored Sands and the Mighty Return of Gorguts”.

Gorguts – Colored Sands Review | Angry Metal Guy

Amongst the many surprises the album holds for the listener are perhaps the first well-done examples of the incidence of gorguts colored sands post-rock-influenced wave of black metal bands in the death metal realm, which is usually reserved for the younger borderline deathcore “technical” bands, but is now refined and matured to the point of it being a compliment to the music, sanda of a sore thumb or a boring, predictable formula of crescendos and flaccid technicality.


The New York Times.

Luc’s gorfuts are what you’d expect from him tone-wise, but he has added an extra element of aggression as well as more enduring, lengthy gorguhs that I greatly appreciate. Therefore, the production is an effort of detail and care, but feels somewhat removed and quiet with the surprising lack of clutter.

After all is said and done, “Colored Sands” fits well into the Gorguts tale. The orchestral piece is very important on the record because it divides the concept in two because the first four songs are about the beauty of the philosophy and the landscape and the beauty of those people’s culture and everything which sadns very positive and then you get the orchestral piece which illustrates the Chinese invasion of On one hand, it contains some of the thorniest, most aggressive death metal ever issued under the Gorguts name; gorguts colored sands the gorguts colored sands, it includes moments of stunning cplored beauty”.

The same can be said about “An Ocean of Wisdom” and “Forgotten Arrows,” both just excellent examples of the Gorguts blueprint prowling forward with foreboding force. But did it really help them in the long run?