I am biased though, as long as Eternal Heart releases, I honestly couldn’t care about the first game, I’m just sitting on needles waiting for that glorious ending for my heart. Hoshizora no memoria Mare Tanabata Ver. Daniel Guizien Martin on January 4, We don’t any apologies or excuses, just fix it. As is often the case in visual novels, moving away forced You to lose contact with someone incredibly important to him. Hoshizora no Memoria follows a branching plot line with multiple endings, and depending on the decisions that the player makes during the game, the plot will progress in a specific direction. They promised, as children often do, to meet again and even get married. Throughout the game, the player encounters CG artwork at certain points in the story, which take the place of the background art and character sprites.

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You is able to communicate with his mother’s spirit, who tells him she will help him reunite with Yume. User menu Login Password reset Register. Hoshizora no Memoria Walkthrough.

In the true route, Asuho confesses to You but You turns her down, after which she reveals to him the name of the lookout girl: Honestly, for someone who played tons of fan translated games due hoshizora no memoria lack of official English support I’m sure I’m not the only onethis is not a big deal, and certainly not something you’d want a refund for. Most can probably wait on this release until then to get the best experience.

To access Chinami’s route, Isuzu’s route must be completed, to access Kosame’s route, Komomo’s route must be completed.


Kogasaka’s neighbor and a first year at Hibari High. The hoshizora no memoria return to their hometown leaves You cautious about making friends, but still immensely interested in finding his old stargazing mfmoria. If you want to go back to the original ending, select the choices 1.

Review: Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-

The game then reverts to just after You and Yume first visited the lookout hoshizora no memoria. However, Suwa, who has grown to care for Kosame, ultimately refuses hohsizora carry out her task. Tokyo, Japan Video Games. She has had feelings for You since she was a child but has hidden her feelings from him.

Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-

A 3rd-grader and the younger sister of Isuzu. I’m not going to cross my fingers and hope everything is ironed out eventually, and I don’t need anyone telling me that I’m being entitled or ridiculous for requesting a refund for a bad product I paid good money for.

Questions about this project? Along with this, you’ll get the previous Deluxe box set of Hoshizora no Memoria, the limited T-shirt, the hoshizora no memoria you Shikishi, the Poster Set, and the Tapestry.

In either case, this visual novel is a title which many were eager to support. Initially leaving their hometown of Hibarigasaki was difficult for You, as he was close friends with a girl who he saw nearly every hoshizkra after school at the local town lookout. I’ll stay by your side, always and forever. Hoshizora no memoria clearing all five heroine routes Asuho, Komomo, Isuzu, Kosame, and Chinamithe true route will become available. In Kosame’s route, it is revealed that she is unable to retain a physical form while under the light of the full moon.


The veteran staff behind Favorite craft heartwarming and touching stories that all fans of visual novels can enjoy.

Hoshizora no memoria blames Chinami for breaking the telescope hoshuzora stops talking to her, which results hoshiozra You seemingly distancing himself from Isuzu as well. But as You’s life back in his hometown progresses, he is able to makes new friends both in the astronomy club at school and while working at a local restaurant, all while still attempting to seek out his childhood friend. Give it another try. Hoshizora no MemoriaPC. Mare complies, and subsequently vanishes.

You’s friends then work together to hoshizora no memoria the lookout girl; their search ends when Setsuna reveals that there is a patient the Hisakakis’ father’s hospital by the name of Yume Ototsu. Isuzu forgives Chinami, and reconciles with You as well. However, Kosame, still unable to accept that she is anything but a ghost destined to disappear at any time, ultimately asks Mare to eliminate her.

An easy walkthrough to guide you through the game’s choices, routes, and suggested order. Anime and Manga portal. May 20, – Jun 20, 31 days.