Kindly give the nimbuzz room admins more options even more than what bombus giving like password protection, ban through ip address i. Hi dear, As I chat on of my friend very impotant issue and share some picture of it, but in somehow I lost the contact name and picture that I share with my friend 1 month ago, How can I retrive my message history because I can get the contact number and picture from my own message if I can retrive the history of my conversation in nimbuzz. If the details your provide matches the database, we will be able to provide you the ownership of the account. Our team is working in order to prevent this kind of behavior. Since chatrooms are one of the most used features in Nimbuzz for all you guys to meet, share, and connect with each other, here are a few tips on how to protect yourself: I am from India!!

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Before deleting my nimbuzz account i have sent messages to my friend,now whether my friend can see those messages? Yasir — Blocking is currently available only on PC, Symbian and iphone.

I jajc nimbuzz using Nokia X6 cell phone and having the jajc nimbuzz version of Nimbuzz at present. Thank you so much team nimbuzz for making such a nice app for nokia XM. Will my gmail account show the pictures shared on gtalk of nimbuzz Jacj u soo much! Somebody posted a very dirty pic in my chat-room.


How to login jabber and nimbuzz with jajc client

Sir, Please chack out this site http: Stay tuned for related info on http: Please jajc nimbuzz an action on this flooding site XXXX this site is for flooding the room and nimbuxz i enterd in my room the site owner flood on it please take action otherwise i will leave nimbuzz forever.

Uday — Our team is working in order to improve our chatroom moderation system and prevent this kind of behavior. As an Request of jajc nimbuzz nimbuzz people i decided to develop an Auto Flooder. As a Demand of many people i Developed this flooder.

Nimbuzz Security Tips

Regards wong jowo peace lover thanks for your comment, we will consider it. I recently added someone to ninbuzz Y! Some one hacked my account today.

Is it cmpltly protected? I m so addict 2 it. Shazli — We request you to send your query directly jajc nimbuzz support nimbuzz. As some unknown Nimbuzz users keeps on sending request…. Hakuna matata… Nimbuzz rocks. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I love you guys and I hope nimbuzz will improve more and more in the successive coming updates.


How to login jabber and nimbuzz with jajc client

So dear nimbuzz creator. In order to guarantee you the best user experience, it is in our best interest to keep your data himbuzz and secure.

I use Nimbuzz on my Nokia N Jajc nimbuzz will respond back to your query within jajc nimbuzz business hours. On sme occassions when starting the app.

Invite yor friend on nimbuzz also. And from day i hav added her shes misbehaving with me, and she is abusing me.

We want to assure you that privacy and security is the top priority for Nimbuzz. Home Uncategorized Nimbuzz Security Tips. Could you be more specific? Plz help forgive me for harsh english. I installed Nimbuzz on a Nokia E7 smart phone and I succeded to call my son in the same country that uses Nimbuzz under android. You can block a contact by following these steps: Easy To use Download: Security phrase is only to check you are human not a robot who is crating account.