If he was not an eye witness, he would record the names of all the persons narrating that particular event up to the person who had eye- witnessed it. Vrs, He is witness to the Divine Guidance and instruction sent down by Almighty Allah; he brings the good news of an eternally successful life and the permanent joy of the hereafter to the righteous. And the one chosen to perform this task is the last in the chain of the Prophets of Allah, Prophet Muhammad May Allah’s Blessings and Peace be upon them. He said, “this is Sadiqah which I have collected by listening to the holy Prophet Peace be upon him , no third person was involved at all’, quoted by Ibn Sa’ad It is not too difficult for anyone to present a charming philosophy, an attractive theory, or a fascinating saying. The whole data is there for anyone to sift through and judge every tradition’s truthfulness by applying the same strict rules the Muslim biographers have applied to tell the wrong from the right. Other creatures do not have the freedom of action; therefore, they have no responsibility.

khutbat e madras urdu

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AhleSunnah Library

Whatever we know of his life is based on conjecture or fiction. I have tried to show, through these references and quotations, that if the written heritage is the only dependable source to the modern mind, the holy Mxdras worthy companions collected enough of it with their own hands and passed it onto the next generation.

There are conquerors and great leaders of men who changed the shape of the world with the might of their swords. They have made our souls sublime and have warned us of other ways which lead to total marras of the human soul and make it the lowest of the low.


khutbat e madras urdu

You will notice an apparent difference in the paws, the hair and the color of their skin and their looks even among the same species of animals depending on the difference in their habitat. He would then carefully note down whatever he had learnt from them. They preferred to follow the Will of Allah without having to choose between good and evil utdu a free will.

khutbat e madras urdu

They were able to establish superficial peace and security in towns and streets, but they had no peace to offer to the human hearts. However, what is still more amazing is hkutbat fact that all the information which formed the basis of the holy Prophet’s biography is available today. Give all that you own in charity. Waqdi one of the earliest biographers of the holy Prophet Peace be upon him reports that he himself saw the letter among Ibn Abbas’s books which the holy Prophet had sent to the ruler of Amman, Munzir bin Sawee.

In their judgment they were so honest, fair and kjutbat that the Muslim nation can rightly be proud of them.

Khutbat-e-Madras ~ Kitaabiyat

Some of them showed the ideal example of fortitude; some kbutbat self-denial; some of madrsa some of love for the Truth; some of their enthusiasm in submission to the Will of Allah; some of piety, and yet some others for austerity.

They make it clear that this book, or at least the last portion of it, cannot have been written by Moses. Good ReadMy Philippines sir advice me to read Muhammad lifeMankind can also refer to all human beings, male and female, usually in the sense of social or conscious beings. The sum of my previous lecture was that the light of the past is essential so that we may see the present and the future clearly.

He might have mhutbat some things in a state of anger. Saeed bin Jubair says that whenever a difference arose between him and his colleagues regarding certain details of a particular tradition, they would come to Ibn Umar for guidance and verification but would hide from him their notes because he strongly disapproved of writing down the holy Prophet’s traditions.


Khutbat e Madraas By Syed Sulaiman Nadvi خطبات مدراس از سید سلیمان ندوی –

The other kind is those religions khutbst believe in God in one form or the other. The Page 26 www. Some of these traditions were compiled by Humam bin Munabbih.

May Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon them all. They have had absolute control over vast empires. These are the very ingredients missing from the biography of Moses Peace be upon him. It is not a question of faith or religion but of authentic history.

khutbat e madras urdu

Except those who believe and do righteous deeds Each companion’s reports were carefully counted and classified. It was edited by Von Kremer. Some were outstanding warners like Noah, Moses, Hud and Shoaib.

Khutbat -e- Madraas By Shaykh Syed Sulaiman Nadvi (r.a)

All we can learn, from the Bible is that he was born and after his birth was brought to Egypt. Who cares about the animals in the cold of winter and the heat of summer and heals their sick?

The urxu that emerges through the research of these scholars is mainly based on guesswork.

Even if they wrote something they preferred to keep it a secret. The practical nature of the Prophet’s character. What was their source of information?