Remember your video choices. The same day, Hatch was also indicted on multiple drug and conspiracy charges for smuggling large amounts of codeine, ecstasy and marijuana into prison with intent to distribute. Y’all Don’t Know feat. Knocking pictures off da wall lyrics Get lyrics of Knocking pictures off da wall song you love. If you thugged out nigga. Yung Joc – Getting to da Money Lyrics. The album spread like wildfire, every hood in Baton Rouge had flyers up for it, everybody was playing it.

lil boosie knockin pictures off the wall

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Knocking pictures off da wall lyrics

Ridin blowin big sippin on a daily basis Quick Drop da top its cotton and you know I’m in a jacuzzi Later in the summer ofBoosie co-starred with one of his label-mates, Webbie, on the album “Ghetto Stories” which also went on to sell well over 15, copies.

We will give ourselves no rest ‘Till Your Kingdom comes on earth. Love you baby, like a wrecking ball. To outsiders, it was a lip, to residents, it was life. That’s why these prosecutors wanna convict me, strictly just to get me off of these streets quickly. Growing up, Boosie was hardened by the many difficult experiences he was put through. You jumping like a waall we’ll put you on that wall. You, look at you send me one more shot sitting on a Make the block bump. You’ve reached the daily limit of 10 videos.


Releasing this album put him back in the spotlight, as he had a new young tallented rapper at his side. This album was a saving grace for C-Loc, as he was slowly losing popularity.

Living in theBoosie had no contacts, no real means of exposure. Knocking Pictures Off da Wall feat.

But I prefer the Lil Boosie] I been sit’n n this muthafucka … Calling Me You ever had a piece of pussy man, That be on… Cartoon Damn why it feel like its saturday mornin in this… Chill out Lil’ boosie bad ass A lot of these niggas ain’t ready… Crayola [Hook: Fifth hangin’ off da bumper blades slicin’ like shredder Boosie continues to gain popularity at an astonishing rate, and is no stranger to trouble with the law.

Knocking Pictures Off Da Wall feat. Knocking Pictures Off The Wall. Growing up with no father figure and without a strong guiding hand, Boosie turned to drugs and crime. Lil Boosie-Knocking pictures of da wall New Leave us feedback. Are you certain you want to delete this board?


Knocking Pictures Off The Wall

After being expelled from school, Boosie picked up freestyling and began to get serious about his music. The men are accused of being involved in the shooting of year-old Terry Boyd in his own house in October. Boosie and Webbie Talkin Verse 1: Bedroom ofd off, we kissin slow to a track Yungstar – Zoom Lyrics Artist videos.

lil boosie knockin pictures off the wall

If you thugged out nigga. This was Boosie’s first really popular album, actually penetrating the borders of Louisiana and reaching far beyond.

Y’all Don’t Know feat. Again paired up with Webbie, Lil Boosie’s release, “Gangsta Musik” is what picturws gained him popularity. After the incarceration, Boosie once again turned back to the streets.

lil boosie knockin pictures off the wall