The least he could do is at least try on the music he does put out. You will not miss a thing, but you will find the entire universe. Nothing to ever be ashamed of, other blogs have compared some of his songs to the and whatnot.. I always liked Tommy bc he was an observer and appeared to be the Silent Guy, that knew and exactly understood the musical Zeitgeist. Much can be said about Tommy and pretty much everything of it is positive and most of it is right.

mac miller x pharrell onaroll

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Must be my subconscious at work.

mac miller x pharrell onaroll

This is his first single, that went viral, had 20 mio plays within 10 weeks, until the YouTube channel got deleted for copyright nonsense sucks. The two fellas had another impeccable release last year, which you can check out here.

Mac Miller & Pharrell – Onaroll

Another phenomenal yet simple groovy beat break rendering they are offering here. Here he is millfr his very own productions. What used to be our remixes are now actual songs and quality material that can hang in our global top tune selection. In theory you’d be correct, but unfortunately all enthusiasm I had for this project, and life and general, quickly vanished when I heard ” Onaroll.

And exactly 14 years since i started the whole thing. inaroll

Mac Miller x Pharrell “Onaroll” (ANGELZ Edit – Free DL)

You had your roughest gear on and tried to find your way during that christmas blizzard, that made the Empire State sway from left millsr tight. It just came out and still has room and time to grow and shine.


Tommy Montanas Remix Playlist. Happy Door One with this one! There was a liveliness that you do not have in NYC anymore, and musically it was the time when Acid Jazz crossed over into Hip Hop, and that rough and rugged sound of Nas, Mobb Deep didnt exist yet.

Mac Miller & Pharrell – Onaroll

So here we are ; Crafted with flextape, this is just a solid selection of the latest released tunes, many moods, NPC feels for your sonic entertainment and soundtrack to life. Reece is a brilliant young man, hailing from London, UK, who has hit me up with tons of material about a year ago. Compromises for the dancefloor, sure no problemo, but the magic and beauty of the real art of deejaying is still being able to turn it out and give it your personal touch, spin and je ne sais quois.

Or rather, has your mind watched itself in operation, just to see what your thoughts are, what your feelings are, how you look at the trees, at the flowers, at the birds, at people, how you respond to a suggestion ,ac react to a new idea?

Mac Miller x Pharrell – Onaroll (ANGELZ Edit) by ANGELZ | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Tommy is that guy and his own mixes speak for himself, and even when producing music, said quality comes shining right through. I mean, if you’re going to mail it in this drastically, shouldn’t you just hire someone else to write all your shit for you?

Have fun with these sweet tunes and d new selection.

mac miller x pharrell onaroll

Chrome Music Music Blog since Telegram Twitter WhatsApp Messenger. The fact that either party involved thought this should be the first track we hear off their EP, no word yet on the release date for this gem, is enough to give anyone pause. The least he could do is at least try on the music he does put out. We wanna celebrate with you that xmas is almost here and so we are offering you this special gift. In total we have worked on over 50 songs, and managed to create 20 blissful tunes, that have me loving my own sound again.


AND in case you missed it. Top Tunes are back — just as planned. If you liked this song you should probably stop reading now, since what I’m about to say will likely upset you. Ok, now that we got rid of those weirdos, let me just say that this song sucks.

Bell Biv Devoted to the 90s Playlist! Have you watched your mind working? When playing music he added his own touch and showed his love and appreciation for what he liked.

But nonetheless, we tried to capture that rough and rugged feel, that you could feel all over town and in every gritty dirty little sidestreet and corner you saw. Go and download it!

That show was legendary. Much can be said about Tommy and pretty much everything of it is positive and most of it is right.

mac miller x pharrell onaroll