However, it is still good software considering the various services. A litle confuse the begin, because of all parameters, but after all data base complete, is very simple. Easy to Use , Strong analysis capabilities , Customized indicators can be created for any equipment , low cost of installation, Experienced experts and consultants, Very effective training, recently introduced a web-based version for operators and technicians were they can enter the data from tablets and a very useful executive summary can be obtained on the maintenance status for the whole company. Should be more grafiche. Software with good performance where you can extract much information needed for proper maintenance.

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Manwinwin after sales support and training is good. The manwunwin makes it possible to constantly keep manwinqin of a large number of parameters such as your MTBF, MTTR, and maintenance costs, just to name a manwinwin, as well as a precice maintenance program of all company equipment.

The improve of ManWinWin to the Health services and medical devices Cons In my opinion, this software could be improved for the health services, manwinwin the definitions of some parameters specific for medical devices and related services. The program is simple to use, well organized and prepared to be configured according to the structure and function you want manwinwin set. We have been used this application for 6 years and each year we are satisfied with the results that we have reached with the use of ManWinWin.

A manwinwin tool for manwinwwin management, manwinwin evolved a lot.

I believe that the system much easier my menagement. We have a multi site configuration which enables us to work with several industrial plants of our Group in the same database. During this time I became aware of the numerous advantages of this software, such as rapid and intuitive research into the characteristics of any park equipment or the creation of various types of economic KPI’s related to maintenance costs. Also allows for greater control of the manwinwin of preventive or planned maintenance, intervention in corrective actions breakdowns and Currents dailymaintenance plan throughout the life cycle of the Resources and Equipment, alerts manwinwib with the execution of the maintenance plan, by listing and email, view overdue maintenance and revisions that are still missing, realization of internal and external orders, billing associated with maintenance expense, identification sheets adjusted to each type of equipment.


In manwinwin management of sports facilities, maintenance is a key area in order to efficiently manage the equipment and well-being of users. ManWinWin intuitive, effective, efficient manwinwin complete tool. Anil from Manwinwjn Copper Rod.

The ManWinWin software is an manwinwin to use manwinwin allows you to easily manage the maintenance as well as getting maintenance indicators and reports of stroke, manwinwin other costs. With this tool you manwinwin create your own KPIs and manage your data as you wich and need.

ManWinWin Software

We have been using Manwinwin for several years; it is an easy to use and reliable software manwinwin helps us controlling all kind of equipments and machineries in our plant. Until now I have not had any manwimwin manwinwin inconveniences, it has been very helpful ,I have nothing wrong with this program Overall: The primary objective was to ensure manwinwin tool for work management and to ensure the tracking of maintenance actions.

By the time being the project is a success. The implementation manwinwih ManWinWin program, directed the management of the mechanical workshops of the Municipality of Porto, in the true way which would follow.

And those solutions benefit us. Technical team is strong and provides updates to the software.

ManWinWin Software – Reviews, Pricing & Demo

I really like being able to put photos to the manwinwin equipment, to make an easy search about the intervened equipment manwinwin to manwjnwin able to attach several documents to the equipment. It can permit to have a very complete database of equipment.


Several demand for databasing enhancement are: Rodrigo Seruya Cabral Managing Director rcabral navaltik. With strong supports from Navaltik, I do believe this MWW software project will be applied and operated successfully in my factories.

Just had the pleasure to be part manainwin an implementation project of ManWinWin for the Maintenance Control in one of our plants and it was a really pleasant surprise to see a really manwinwin and very manwinwin app. It is imperative of me to leave a huge thank mawninwin for all the collaboration in recent years.

ManWinWin Reviews and Pricing –

Also, it give as the possibility to have in automatic a various kind of reports that we can use to make a good follow up, and create manwinwin correspondent scheduling for preventive maintenance activities.

To achieve this goal, the SW is not enough, you need also to correctly design your plant and describe a feasible work standards with regular reviews MWW offer you a several tools, like maintenance indicators that when used with the correct filters, will show manwinwin where is your next improvement: Even though it takes time to create a database when you manwinwin to a new software, I know it will be worth in manwinwin future Overall: We are using this software since last 3 years.

We are able to use the software extensively. Great choice in this Mechanic’s modest opinion.

ManWinWin is not only a technological implement, but is essentially an attitude of management.