Click stars to rate this APP! It allows you to install and manage the different apps you download from the Internet, which makes it more customizable and personal. Good for internet connection performance functions. Nothing out of the ordinary for this version of Micromax PC Suites as these options are also found on other types. Some of the Micromax Suite versions can be installed on the PC, others come already available upon clicking the executable. With Micromax Pc Suite you can transfer the required data from your personal computer to your mobile phone or tablet. Use Message feature to create, open, reply, delete or download messages from your mobile to PC.

micromax x266 pc suite for windows xp

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Micromax A101 PC Suite for windows xp Download

Also for shareing music and data. Parts are inferior quality.

Change the language of your device, choose a connection port in order to configure it for surfing the Internet and view the different options it has to offer.

And easy for setting. With Micromax Pc Suite you can transfer the required data from your personal computer to your mobile phone or tablet.

It helps me to read, edit and send messages directly from my PC. It enables you to control the content of your device directly. It even allows me to connect my mobile phone to the internet by making this device as a modem. But if you want a faster way to manage your data, you can check out Micromax PC Suite. Micromax Pc Suite is a free Windows utility for Micromax mobile phones and devices helping users to better manage their contents.

Micromax Pc Suite (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

What do you like most about this program? We have the Connect area where users can pick a phone resolution, the connection port, Languages area is for choosing a preferred language, SMS settings defines the mode and the language for the messages and Create Connection handles operators, modem list, phone numbers etc.


Installing this app is easy and takes very little of your time and there will be an option where you can select your phone model. Again, basic phone management is followed here as the services provider needs to provide a management solution for its devices.

All your files and your contacts will be safe with this tool. Users need to browse for the audio file, select it, play it for preview in the included player and click save to set it as default on the phone. There are small icons and buttons at the top and a panel on the left. Users can create a new message, open an existing message, reply and forward a message, cut, copy and paste a message, delete messages and download them from the handset.

micromax x266 pc suite for windows xp

Free download is available here, that is why I like this program compared to other programs. Good for internet connection performance functions.

Micromax pc suite 1. Nothing out of the ordinary for this version of Micromax PC Suites as these options are also found on other types. Plug in the phone before or after the application is loaded as this does not make a noticeable difference in functionality afterwards.

It is quite easy to manipulate this application and use it to transfer your files, arrange or move them into folders. You just need to check out each of the options then start organizing and customizing files.


Button position is also quite similar with other Suite interfaces from Intex or Spice so it seems this has been developed by a certain team suige after that just rebranded by the needed companies for their needs.

micromax x266 pc suite for windows xp

In the Image section you can manage your image files or set new wallpapers. Pros Compatibility with Windows version, like Windows 7 You can manage your file or data easily. All of these are already familiar to almost every mobile phone user. Choose Micromax Pc Suite if you own one of its hardware devices, and take advantage of all micromsx additional features it has to offer.

Micromax pc suite 1.08

Going back to the software interface, we have the Micromax logo on the upper side, File, Edit, Help below with their respective options. Just select the image from the list and the preview will appear for it instantly. Pros Easy to understand user interface Works with the latest version of Windows File management is a breeze Easy iwndows transfer data from phone to PC and vice versa.

The interface is basic and you winvows need to check out the different icons depending on what you want to organize. I don’t think so. For instance, PhoneBook allows you to manage your contacts and edit them in case you need. In addition, users can organize applications, customize and personalize devices.