Some good Arabic fonts in Type1 format some of them designed by Walter Tracy. Art and Fonts by Sean was: On-line Font Shopping Site Not for free downloading! Persian Calligraphy by Yadolah Kaboly-Khansari. Their listings are sometimes overlapping and some of them are referring each other. There are many font-downloading portals on the web.

mudir font

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Mudir MT Font –

No more web page. BoxWashington, D. Of course, fnt did not make a single of these fonts themselves. It also develops and distributes font oriented and localization software. Based on one of our most popular and readable type designs Dutch BTit includes all the typographic characters for most of the world’s major languages.

Free Win95,Win3 utility for right-to-left scripts, contextual analysis.

Mudir MT Free Font

Neda Rayaneh Download Center. Apple’s Arabic Language Kit. All fonts by Anton van de Repe. Quality-crafted multiple language fonts.


A site produced by Doug Cooper, Bangkok. Plus RD-Times Scholar commercial. Three fonts for transcription of Arabic, Jaghbub, Koufra and Bairut.

Containing sources for more than languages. Free Arab font Amien.

mudir font

Find a free font Akkadian-1, and a commercial family, RD-Akkadian cuneiform signs. Some very good Arabic mudig in Type 1 format. Arab calligraphy pages with particular sections on the Koufi, Duwani and Tughraa scripts.

Mudir MT خط

Creator of the beautiful Pars Ziba font free. Stanier from Essex University has created the following metafonts: FTP archive of Arab files, including arabtex and arabfont.

Ten Arabic truetype fonts called Irnafont: Also sells Hebrew fonts. Custom font design in most languages. Links to Arab word processors and some fonts on Amr Haggag’s home page. About seemingly free TrueType fonts including the following Arabic families: The main digital type foundry from Russia.

Their listings are sometimes muidr and some of them are referring midir other. Arab calligraphy pages by Mamoun Sakkal. Official Home of Gerdsooz.


Lateefi, Kitabi, Nargisi, Sarmast. Arabic font links, with discussions in Spanish. Art and Fonts by Sean was: Arabic Kit for the Mac.

Great site with the following free Arabic truetype fonts: From Essex University, Alan M.

mudir font