Namal Udugama – Apa Hamuweema wenweema. Dupathin Samugena – Kuma Aththanayake. Samugena Yannata – Dinidu Nadeeshan. He returned to Sri Lanka with a successful transplant on 5 June At school, he played guitar and performed at school events, before joining a band in Kandy.

namal udugama malak wage nonstop

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He is the youngest in the family. Udugama is married to actress Ruwanthi Mangala, and they have one daughter and one son. He was thereafter treated in Global City Hospital in India for the liver transplant. His wife announced that he needs A-negative blood type for the immediate cure. Namal was educated at Thalathuoya Central college in Kandy. He returned to Sri Lanka with a successful transplant on 5 June The health issues in made him to slow his singing career.

Apa Hamuweema Wenweema – Namal Udugama. Sanda Aithiya – Namal Udugama.


Contents Namal udugama thaniwee and original 30 songs albums Namal udugama songs collection Early life and career References Namal udugama songs collection.

Issara Senehasa – Namal Udugama.

namal udugama malak wage nonstop

Wenwee Yannata – Damith Asanka. Apasu yannata para waye – Chandrasena Hettiarachchi. Namal Udugama – Sithe Susum Paaweela. Samugena Oben – Suresh Chandrika. Lowama Nidana Rathriye – Namal Udugama. In FebruaryUdugama became severely ill due to a liver failure condition and admitted to the intensive care unit of a leading private hospital in Colombo.

Early life and career Udugama’s father wagw a businessman and his mother is a housewife. Namal Udugama – Apa Hamuweema wenweema.

Namal Udugama – Awasanawata Rosa Malak. Namal Udugama – Pem Sihine ai bindune. Nonsrop moved to Colombo, where he began to release albums. Dupathin Samugena – Kuma Aththanayake. Re Sihinen – Namal Udugama Original.

namal udugama malak wage nonstop

Katha Karana Kadulu – Namal Udugama. Athara Yannata – Thisara Manoj Weerasinghe.

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Before the surgery he released Sanda Aithiya song and after recovery, he released a solo hit Thamath Oya inwhich gathered crowd back towards him. Udugama recovered well from a successful liver transplant in mid Samuganne na – Namal Udugama with Nomstop in Yatakalana.


Hiru Sadu Wage – Namal Udugama. He has two brothers and two sisters.

Samugena Yannata _ Namal Udugama _ සමුගෙන යන්නට: Скачать mp3 файл в хорошем качестве =

Sithulpawwa Wehera Lagata – Namal Udugama. Haradala Yannata Tharam – Oshani Sandeepa. Namal Udugama – Sanidapa live In Udayandaluwa Namal Udugama – Flashback –