But those other aspirants who attended the function over powered Aveekshith and imprisoned him. Budha fell in love with Ila, a beautiful young woman, little realising that she was actually the King Sudyumna a pious ruler of his Subjects. It is the small hourglass-shaped drum that the Lord holds in one of his hands in a specific gesture called ‘damaru -hasta’. Shiva, the Bholanath in the Real Sense of the Term As he was a moral being, so he was simple, innocent, generous, benevolent and easily manageable, and hence, even the wicked ones often won his favour and boons of invincible powers and sometimes used them even against him. Subsequently Brahma would resume the task of Creation of the Universe afresh! Hindi Number of CDs:

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Yogis believe that sex energy is the very energy that man can utilize for the conquest of his own self. Something of the similar kind happened in the case of Ravana, the king of Lanka.

Ananta Tula Re Pandavas and Kuaravas- Quick proceedings of Maha Bharata: However, they worshipped Lord Shiva who blessed them. Manu and Shatarupa gave birth to Veera, Priyavrata and Uttanapada. This was the first King ever who performed Rajasuya Yagna. Shiva’s Image of the Cosmic Dance The visual qualities of a Chola-dynasty bronze sculpture of Shiva Nataraja depended on a number of factors, particularly the skill and experience of the artist.

namostu gautama dhun

Lord Shiva is most often shown to be seated with the beautiful Himalayas serving as his backdrop. There is a gauatma of the manifest and the unmanifest elements along with the “tarak and marak tatva” in the Shivpindi.


Shiva, therefore, the arch-yogi of the gods, is necessarily also the master of the dance. They pray to Soma to save them from disease, to prolong their years as the sun the days of spring, not to abandon them according to the desire of their foe, to save them from disease.

On return from Tapasya. The latter namosut Tapsya for ten thousand years and begot a husband named Swayambhu Manu born on his own. Aarti Sai Baba Very reluctantly, Dasaratha allowed to let them go to protect the Yagna which apparently served many purposes as subtly planned by the Sage: The King went up to the bush and found to his horror that Sunanya did not pierce the lighting worms but the eyes of a Sage engrossed in Tapasya, causing him to blindness.

Since Devi Prithvi was about to sink but for his timely mercy, she was popularly called Madhavi or the Lord as Madhava. Shiva in Saumya and Raudra-rupas Consequently, Lord Shiva’s divine perception as well as iconic visualisation developed into two directions, one growing out of his serene sublime benevolent Saumyarupa and the other out of his awe-striking Raudra-rupa.

You have assumed human form to demolish the Evil Forces and lighten the burden dnun Earth.

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Shiva as the Cosmic Dancer is the embodiment and manifestation of eternal energy in its ‘five activities’ panch-kriya 1. According to some schools of thought, Shiva represents the entire cosmos.

The truth that we have seen and felt in meditation, we grow into and become totally one with in contemplation. The capacity to absorb the sattvaguna and chaitanya also increases.


As a proper name it means “The Auspicious One”, used as a euphemistic name for Rudra. Ultimately, the Brahma- hatya separated from his body and fell down on earth. A fierce battle took place and finally Pushkala defeated Daman Kumar whose body was profusely bleeding and his horse took back to the Court of King Subahu.


namostu gautama dhun

This pre-eminence of Shiva over others as much reflects in their related theological chronology and availability of their iconic representations in visual arts. As the victorious Krishna and Satyabhama fancifully reached Swarga dwaara after the battle with Narakasura, Krishna blew his conchshell and Aditi along with Indra and Devas welcomed the guests. And the field of the terrible interplay is the Dancing Ground of the Universe, brilliant and horrific with the dance of the god. We try to expand our personal consciousness and enter into the Collective or Universal Consciousness where there is no fear, jealousy or doubt but only naostu, peace and divine power.

Written in Tamil — as opposed to Sanskrit, the language used in Brahmanic Hindu ritual — the poems were performed throughout the region, generating deep devotion and even inspiring the construction of temples.

Images of these positions — karanas — still exist on temples of Tamil Nadu today. Teerth Vithal Kshetra Vithal A rudraksha is reddish in colour with yellow stripes and is flat like a fish.