Posts 1, Rep Power Spoiler for Getting to know more about bits: In rare cases, you will find that there are two or more addresses. In this case, the gold address is 0xB2F0C. I don’t know what im doing after that because it makes me exit after finding it then I can’t do anything else. Ok, I have found the address, jot down the address!

nitepr rev k

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Make your Own CWCheat Codes

Net in our free Daily Digest. You had a crush with a girl I will name her Grace in your class, she sit on the front row first seat. Ok so, the fixed value searcher.

Popular Tags Advanced Search. This nitper only for those who are still using the old CWCheat. Posts 1, Rep Power This version still has a few bugs in it, but is good enough to use. The seat is the address. Hello Paulo, Unfortunately, there’s an error when I try to open the article.

nitepr rev k

Back to the first tutorial, the real money address is 0xB2F0C, but in order for it to works in cwcheat, you have to put a 1 because of 16bit infront of the address.


I don’t know what im doing after that because rsv makes me exit after finding it then I can’t do anything else. First run the game on your PSP, start a battle and take note of your character life bar’s marking.

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The name is actually the pointer, now you know her name, and her precious class her precious class is just some bits of information, which is the offset. The Most Advanced Android Manager Find the pointer and offset for instant win Game used: Subscribe to our Daily Digest!


Level 2 – 0x00E88E68 second address Make a dump again, now you have your second dump. We don’t even know the value of our life”, alright it’s pretty easy. Maximize your virtual reality Now you will need to make the address change, rdv this game each level has different address so let’s proceed to level 2. To get your membership, click here to sign-up. If you are already a member, click here to log-in. One day, she was transferred to another class which you don’t know which.

nitepr rev k

We one pointer, so let’s try to use it. You don’t dare to approach her and ask for her name and number, you only know where she seat. As the story goes You can also cheat with CWCheat online. First you will need to know her name, you went to ask your teacher the girl name, so now you have her name, Grace.


At the DEC putpress X and wait for it to search. Calculate the offset, minus the address 1 with the result you found on Step 1 minus from bigger value to a smaller value.

NitePR. Rev K download and directions

Why is this better than CWCheat? Finding the address for life bar take note that I said life bar, it just show your character’s life bar and kk integer shown Game used: Make sure your memory stick has some space, at least mb.

Go back to any text file you made just now, copy the information down. In this case I have G, so let’s search for it, the steps are the same, except now you choose “Continue a search for a fixed value”.