He has taken the spacey mood, something that he does very well, but he has missed all the psychedelic and krautrock influences. It’s a very good subject fro a dark ambient track but the author failed even on this subject. Not a disk for everybody. At least here something happens. The “Friday’s track” has some subtle organ and bells and should be giving the idea of the prison. In particular situations I can enjoy this music. The Ooh’s may represent the Angels, but they are too dark.


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Studio Album, 1. You must be a forum member to post a review, please register here if you are not. The Third Phase starts in crescendo from few seconds of silence, then it’s even promising when after 1 minute it reminds to some phrozenkight parts of the Space Odyssey soundtrack. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved.

Unfortunately it doesn’t develop enough and remains at that level for 16 minutes. The fact is that the discovery of the monolyth in the movie takes few minutes while in this track it takes more than 25 and at the end the aliens don’t receive any signal.


In this album “outer” is not the space. Of course between spinning this and Zeit I prefer the second by light-years.


phrozenlivht TD I mean in the pink period have square waves, drums, and at phtozenlight little variations that are able to make the music change totally without making the listener aware. He has taken the spacey mood, something that he does very well, but he has missed all the psychedelic and krautrock influences.


It’s a pity that this guy has the technical skill to make good space rock but doesn’t invest enough effort in creating anything more than spacey soundscapes.

As well as on Moon, the 5 tracks here don’t contain anything else than spacey landscapes, but respect to Moon we can hear some more variations, something that can be interpreted as a chord or even a sequence of chords. It’s true that if one jumps randomly from one part to the other it can appear to be all the same, but this is phrozenlkght kind of music who requires attention, something that has to be listened to with headphones.

Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Having mentioned the first two tracks, let’s say that “Dragon’s Going Between” is different in some way from the other two tracks.

It’s a pity because some of the noises below are not bad. This is up phtozenlight now the track closer to the Tangerine Dream of the Pink Period that this Flying Dutchman has been able to produce even being for his lhrozenlight admission strongly influenced by them. It doesn’t happen a lot, but the music has a sense, something that will go almost phrozenlighr in his more recent releases. I think there are better examples of space rock or progressive electronic around so my 3 stars are rounded very up.

I think this track gives the idea. Dark ambient, more than spacey.


This is the only reason why I rate this album with two stars instead of one. The third is the day of the resurrection. The background chords seem to be two There are surely some exceptions. The “ooh” background sounds make me think more to A Space Odyssey and would have been more appropriate if related to the Sybil.


As well as I like closing my eyes and let my mind create mental images by following the music, I think that who makes this kind of music does something similar, putting into his work the sensations brought by the mental images coming in this case from the novel.

I personally enjoy this music sometimes, but I can’t suggest it to anybody else. Of course the Crucifiction is darker. Well, cut in short pieces this is not totally bad, but playing a single chord adding a soundscape here and there is not the phrozenliht of composing Zeit.


I find some parts of this track even enjoyable, until I have something to smoke, of course Looking for some ambient music I decided to give him another try and even if this “Dragons of Pern” is not too dissimilar from “Moon”, there’s something more inside. Similar artists in the archives: Studio Album, 3.

This means that “Space Folding” is not a boring track even though very few happens. A continuous noise that after a while goes in the background of your mind and you become aware of it only when the power goes down and they stop.

As suggested by the name itself Frozen Light: