Choose ground or flying mount. Posted December 15, Finally, we have the Please login or register to see this link. Posted November 29, Lunchpad which polymorphs the bot – added:

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PiroX FishBot – a first class fishbot

Updated the link Please login or register to see this link. Started by SandstromNovember 29, Please login or register to see this link. The ban time for this is 1 week in case anyone was wondering. Sign up for a new account in our community. Run World of Warcraft and login to your character Put fishing on a actionslot and bind it to a key Equip fishing rod Zoom in first person Run wowpfb. Choose ground or flying mount. Sign in Already have an account?

Extract the files anywhere. I have been using Pirox for about a week now and it is by far the best bot for 3. On at Pirox fish bot 3.3.5 target the vendor you want the bot to use. If you are unsure of what your Global CD is, set this to How to install and setup Pirox Download Please login or register to see this link. In here you can configure keys for your character.


Bot just flies right past any gathering nodes. GoTo” This is the path we want to run when grinding mobs Click the “Attach to wow” button. Input ping default 80ms – fixed: It’s a pixel bot without reading memory and without injection.

Originally Posted by N1ghtw4lker.

Go to the Addons folder and locate “NeededForVendor” Make sure to install these addons and configure them once ingame. Make sure bor make a clean path, not between too many obstacles like rocks etc. Posted January 20, I’m using it right now to try to gather herbs and ore on my farming account and it passes both herb and mining nodes up as if they’re not there. My bot is not questing, just ranning around and grinding.

Make it if you wish for your character to wait 5 seconds before running to your target. The leveling speed form 70 to 80 fieh a pain in the ass – or its just the profiles I chose, dunno: General Chat Roco – Started December 27, Ghost” and record waypoints from the graveyard to your first GoTo waypoint.


Now we are going to add a vendor path. Has anyone gotten this to gather successfully?

PiroX FishBot – a first class fishbot

You will hear a sound when a Waypoint is recorded. My character is in thrallmar. The piroz is working for me but to be honest, Pirox seems to be too complicated for me. Join us now to get access to all our features.