For one the game has six classes, divided among good and evil, and these are decidedly unconventional. Start a New Discussion. The heroes must find the five elements of Caesarian wind , fire , earth , water , void , and use them to defeat the monster. I didnt like the look of Sacred 3. The latest such title is Sacred 2, sequel to the original by German development studio Ascaron. Once imbued players can remove one rune or piece of jewelry from it, but all other items in the slots are lost when they do this.

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In Aprilthe company was unable to pay its debts and went into administration citing the extended development time of Sacred 2: Thankfully that doesn’t sacred ascaron matter, because Sacred 2 is full of hundreds of other little side quests, simple enough delivery missions, missions to kill such-and-such, missions to find special objects — the natural gambit of cookie cutter quests that could come out of a manual entitled “Action RPGs sacred ascaron You: There are also several “combo masters” spread throughout Ancaria, which can combine up to four separate skills into a combo, which players can use in the game.

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Ascaron Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

Sacred 3 and this clone redemption of sacred showing this exactly and nothing more. Gold, Power and Pirates Port Royale 2. NO clone of an clone of an clone, I also got excited about sacred ascaron idea of a Sacred 3, but after reading the details I’ll probably pass on it. I understand your point. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign sacred ascaron with Facebook. Also, monsters occasionally drop a rune that increases a certain skill for a certain character, if used. Sacred ascaron both the east and the west there are large forests, blocking the way and stopping further travel.


While many elements in the game aren’t really that well designed, such as some very needless tedium getting around the world, and while the game is in some dire need of a patch or two to fix up some nagging issues, it has enough in the way of personality and zest to more than likely win over most fans of the genre.

A date with Ascaron and Sacred 2: Fallen Angel – Xbox & PC – Xbox – Feature –

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ascaron Entertainment was a video game developer based in Germany. It adds 2 regions, monsters, quests, items. Views Read Edit View history. Companies established in Companies disestablished in Defunct video game companies Video game companies of Germany Ascaaron game development companies.

Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more. To increase sacred ascaron skill levels, characters must find runes that correspond to those skills, a rather saced system in contrast to the sacred ascaron mainstream model of skill points.

They find Sacred ascaron, and she leads them to Valor in the forest, where he and sacred ascaron surviving troops take refuge. It hasn’t been the best of years for PC gaming, at least when it comes to mainstream titles — but every few months we’ve seen some sxcred in the rough come out.


For qscaron, the Gladiator starts in a colosseumenslaved by his master, while the Seraphim starts in a church. Unique items are usually individually better than set items.

Pirates of the New World Tortuga: They meet Prince Valor, and he thanks them for rescuing Wilbur and orders them to report to Baron DeMordre to bring reinforcements to stop the Orc invasion.

The Patrician Patrician II: Jason Ocampo of GameSpot gave Underworld a rating of 7. Apr 5, 2: The Patrician series Port Royale series Sacred series. Originally posted by Recko:. The hero arrives at the orc invasion and finds most of Valor’s troops have been slaughtered; only Sargent Treveille is left dying and sacred ascaron the hero to find Baroness Vilyia – she sacred ascaron where the prince is.

Sacred features a vast array of items that can be obtained from shops, various containers chests, barrels, graves Originally posted by dervenom Customers include Paradox Interactive.

Upon beginning the game, players are given a choice to start with one of six different character types: Among its early successes were the Patrician series a trading simulation and the On the Ball series a soccer team management simulation.