One of them is a female doctor who once treated her in a hospital. Exactly at seven in the evening they wed in the mosque witnessed by the congregation of tarawih prayer. Cinta Suci Zahrana No wonder Rana is being pressured by her parents to immediately get married. No information available yet.

sesuci cinta zahrana

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Donate to the Eesuci Film Center Foundation! The woman is the mother of a student named Hasan whose thesis she has supervised.

To read a review, click on the file name. The climax of her inner conflicts is when a widower, who is also her dean, proposes to her upon returning from Thinghua University after receiving an award.

Her reason is sesuc moral issue because her superior is known to ask for bribery to his students if they want good grades. Indonesia, August 15, This female doctor tells Zahrana that her son wants to marry her. Help us to preserve and restore the audio-visual materials of Indonesia.


sesuci cinta zahrana

She is determined to devote her life to Allah through observance in a married life. Through him, Zahrana is introduced to a man who has a less prestigious job. She can still pursue her goal in the academics although she is married. She can still live with her desuci. No wonder Rana is being pressured by her parents to immediately get married.

sesuci cinta zahrana

Cinta Suci Zahrana No information available yet. One of them is a female doctor who once treated her in a hospital.

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But Zahrana precedes by submitting a resignation letter and chooses to teach at a vocational technical school. The female doctor accepts her offer. If the son of the female doctor really proposes to her, she asks that the wedding would be the night after tarawih prayer. See All Shopping Cart.

Zahrana has actually relented. sesuck

After refusing the proposal, Zahrana is about to discharged dishonorably. Zahrana chooses to teach at a university in Semarang. Zahrana does not accept the proposal of her superior although her sahrana are disappointed. Zahrana asks for one condition. Zahrana has inner conflicts: The man is a traveling cracker seller and Zahrana feels comfortable with him. But her heart argues.


Many men ask for her hand but Zahrana politely refuses. Unfortunately her future husband passes away, hit by a train not far from the village.

Zahrana is surprised and happy. Problem comes when Rana is getting older and she is not married yet.

prev novel sesuci cintamu by wildan shauqina

Many of her friends and relatives come to visit. The first night of Ramadhan marks the end of her suffering. Discuss Cinta Suci Zahrana. She asks for an advice to the head of the Islamic boarding school who is a distant relative of her best friend.

sesuci cinta zahrana