Since the behavior of many circuits, especially digital circuits, will depend upon certain conditions, expressions within an arbitrary source have been extended to contain in-line IF conditions. There is a delay of 5ns, provided by B2, between a change in the input voltages and the corresponding output voltages. Circuit simulation has been fundamental to the development of electronic devices for many years. Delivers the accuracy, capacity, and simulation performance required for critical complex analog and mixed-signal designs at nanometer silicon nodes Easy integration into analog front-end flows with support of standard design formats, languages and tools. SmartSpice is suitable for product evaluation, teaching, and training. The functionality of the analysis control screens in Analog Artist will be greatly enhanced in the next release of the SmartSpice interface; the first step in this direction has already been taken in the current release, however, in the form of a set of control items providing the ability to save bias points in both DC and transient analyses.

silvaco smartspice

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This code can also be compiled using the regular C compiler to produce a dynamic library, which will be automatically loaded in SmartSpice. Modeling the behavior of analog components often results in snartspice containing derivatives and integrals. Yet they also often pose extreme requirements on simulation capacity and performance. The calculation of the conductance matrix for complex models can be quite difficult.

silvaco smartspice

Circuit simulation has been fundamental to the development of electronic devices for many years. The improvements described in this article take the snartspice of a series of enhancements including some bug fixes which have been made to several of the existing interface features.


Rfollowing feedback from a number of existing users. Another example involves the modeling of mutual inductance.

SmartSpice Pro – Fast Circuit Simulator

Both are smartspcie unacceptable compromises. The time and temperature parameters can also be used within conditions. The SmartSpice input deck which calls this model is shown in Figure 3. If you have a support question, please click here.

silvaco smartspice

Integrated Optimizer iterates device or model parameters to achieve target specifications in the form of DC, AC, transient curves, propagation delay, rise and fall times, power dissipation, etc. For example, if the equation describing the behavior of a non-linear capacitor is as follows.

OK, don’t show me this again. Hence, using arbitrary sources, the behavior of mutual inductors can be modeled using the following arbitrary sources. Hence, for example, a simple model of a diode can be created using the following equation for the current through the diode.

SmartSpice fits your design flow and foundry models.

silvaco smartspice

This expression can contain references to and functions of node voltages, device currents and user parameters. Ease of Adoption into an Existing Design Flow: OK, don’t show me this again. These languages provide excellent behavioral capabilities, which allow simulation time to be reduced drastically and entire systems to be simulated. This approach is adequate slivaco digital systems which contain a few critical analog parts.

The traditional approach involves the use of inductors and a mutual inductance element which allows the coupling between the inductors to be specified. This device allows much more comprehensive modeling of the behavior of both analog and digital circuit elements, in addition to non-electrical components, e.


However, the nature of analog behavioral simulation imposes some special requirements which make the C programming language inconvenient for such tasks, making it necessary to develop special analog HDL languages. For transient analysis, the equations describing the voltages across the inductors are as follows. The result of applying the decaying waveform shown smargspice Figure 1 top to this arbitrary source is given in Figure 1 bottom.

This article illustrates new SmartSpice capabilities in analog behavioral simulation. This coefficient is calculated by the user using the mutual inductance M and the inductance of the elements which are coupled according to the equation.

R, and the characteristics of both voltage and current sources have been extended so that, where appropriate, the power is sartspice annotated to the schematic. One of the possible solutions to this problem is to employ a mixed level analog-digital simulation approach see October ’94 issue of The Simulation Standard.

Analog Behavioral Simulation Using SmartSpice

If you have a support question, please click here. Digital elements can be designed to include delays, using the DELAY type arbitrary source, discussed previously. Using arbitrary sources with IF-conditions, it is possible to model the behavior of a wide variety of digital components. If you have a support question, please click here.