Make sure you have Miscellaneous Devices. Please fill out the form below to request one. Altium Designer is the tool of choice for creating the next generation of smart, connected electronics products and devices. The following model types are currently incompatible with SIMetrix: The SIMetrix simulator provides: For complex or critical components, you can attach specialized models that have been tuned for each simulator. This is most noticeable in the graph of the current through the diode D1 shown below.

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Diode Reverse Simmulator Test Circuit. This simulation is a Transient Analysis. Everywhere else, such as in the model file itself and on the Schematic if simterix check the Component Parameter box, you will see only abbreviated names. The netlist is a text file and can be edited in a text editor. Once you have selected a file, scroll down the list of models and click on the name of the model you want.

To view the analysis parameters, simetrix simulator on Transient Analysis.

SIMetrix Classic

You would need to do this simetrix simulator you have a Simulation model that is incompatible with wimetrix of the simulators you want to use. The Component Parameter checkbox next to each parameter gives you the option of making the parameter a component parameter, where zimulator can be seen and edited in the top right section of the Simmulator Properties dialog.


If you click on the Model File tab at the bottom of your SIM Model dialog, you will see where your model is in the file by scrolling the view down to the beginning of the model. To narrow your simetrix simulator, type part of the model name in the Mask field. The defaults are calculated based on the time periods of the sources in your circuit.

Run the simulation to see the reverse recovery effect. The command line is simetrix simulator present. The IRF Simulation model comes from the component manufacturer and is compatible with all three simulators. Settings for simetriix options are shared between the two simulators.

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Search sietrix Search this site. Compiled into an integrated library. How to Buy Contact your local sales office to get started on improving your design environment. Refer to your Catena documentation for detailed descriptions on these analysis types.


Old Content – visit altium. Video Library Quick and to-the-point video tutorials to get you started with Altium Designer. Remember that accuracy and simulation speed can sometimes be a delicate trade-off. This difference is especially important in switching power supply circuits with oscillator devices, and most closely approximates the kind of frequency analysis that you could do with a breadboard on the bench. Some of the above features can be enabled for 30 days using the unlock feature.

Some components have been placed from a library called SIMetrix Devices. SchDoc which is a simple test circuit that simetrix simulator a large reverse bias to a diode. Virtually all features are enabled but a circuit size limit applies. In SIMetrix, the available analysis types are:. Each switch requires one simetrix simulator.


Many Simulation models have editable parameters. Simulatkr to the Simulation Models section for more detailed information. Why are you looking to evaluate Altium Designer? Simetrix simulator the simulation to see the result. Most of the interesting model kinds such as diodes, transistors, and subcircuits require you to attach a model file.

This feature is said to improve accuracy and performance in SIMetrix but is not currently compatible with Advanced Sim.