Nothing that a bit of smoke and a silenced P90 rush can’t fix A Google User April 13, So when I kill a sniper, I drop my ball bag on his head, go up and down and tell him snipe that This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. He’s the best song writer ever! Dracorean , Aug 25,

snipers are wussies

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More by Bryan “BrySi” Simon

On Black Squad, there isn’t really much of a risk when it comes to using a sniper rifle; you snnipers spawn with one every time you die. Awesome Awesome Full Review.

snipers are wussies

Ya Heeeeeelllllll yaaaaa Full Review. If you die with an AWP on CSGO, you’re gonna have to save up enough money to afford another, creating a high risk, high qre scenario. Snipers are wussies, they are afraid to fight No experience of playing FPS with recoil?


Snipers Are Wussies

For the AA whiners! BrySi I have been listening to your songs since the Modern Warfare 2: I like this song Full Review.

A Google User November 27, Anyone else fed up of snipers just camping everywhere, being able to “jump” out on you and instakill. Hiscules View Profile Wussiees Posts. Another fix could wusises adding massive aimpunch when you get shot and are ADSing with a sniper, so that your aim goes way, way off and youll never get the headshot, but could still get a lucky body hit.

snipers are wussies

Bryan “BrySi” Simon November 17, Snipers are powerful, even they seem to be OP sometimes. The best moments Sre have from Black Squad is always face-to-face combat with assault rifles or shotguns.

Grant Huber January 7, How about pressing them with SMG? NoctDAug 25, Dalton instagib Tankbuster existence. Tracers become more visible. A Google User April 11, Immense Brysi has some real talent Full Review.


A Google User April 13, Why dont I hear you on the radio? Josh Webb December 15, Brysi sick I got twiter my name is rhys so can u send me friend request please on twiter but ps3name king-rhysT brysi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snipers Are Wussies, a song by Bryan “BrySi” Simon on Spotify

Libs receive buff in dalton blast radius, ammo retains nerfed. Class All of brysi’s songs are amazing Full Review.

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snipers are wussies

Magrider low velocity and low turbo uses. VanudraxAug 25,