Level 20 Clean Up the Party Find all the party favors and food and drinks in the scene. You have beaten Sprill and Ritchie — Adventures in Time! Once a page is in the right place, it will turn the page to make room for the next page you need to match up. Click on the flask in the lower left side of the scene. The last modern item you need to collect is the suitcase that fell on the ground. As soon as you see several circles, click on that spot and you will see air bubbles start flowing from the temporal flow. Pieces will lock into place when they are in the right spot.

sprill and ritchie

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Each time you click on the correct image, a bar will light up on the monitor.

sprill and ritchie

Play Now Download the free trial This game will not work on your operating system. As soon as you overcome the first obstacles the story will become even more thrilling. Find Crossing Temporal Flow Currents Your goal in this game is to find the holes in the temporal flow. Once you click on spril last sticky note, you will be asked to find 12 tea leaves.

Sprill and Ritchie – Adventures in Time | GameHouse

Sprill and Ritchie is richie software program developed by Oberon Media. Then, click on the molecule machine on the left to open a mini-game.


sprill and ritchie

Find the pieces you need on the rocks that surround the puzzle. Use the pipes on the left side of the scene to direct the ball sprrill the way you want it to go.

The pieces spriill change positions once you pick them up. Level 6 Collect Everything Modern The modern items are highlighted in red squares. When a piece is in the right spot, it will lock itself into place. Click on the sparkly spot on the desk to open a mini-game.

Click on the chest in the lower right side. The 20th century items are highlighted in yellow.

Sprill and Ritchie

Welcome to ritcchie Sprill and Ritchie: Animations were fun, like watching a cartoon. Place the piece with the 3 blue lights first. Some searches were open-ended and required a few brain cells, such as “find the modern objects” in an historical setting. Click on the aquarium to begin a mini-game. You have to assemble 3 sets of barrels to complete this mini-game.

Once all the pieces have been installed correctly, water will flow from the fish on top of the fountain. Click on the controls at psrill bottom of the large machine to open a Mini-game. Drag the sandwich from inventory and place it onto the food scale on the right side of the room.

Click on the sketch to hide it and click on the edge of the sketch to see it again. Assemble the Barrel Drag the barrel pieces from inventory onto the lower right side of the scene to open a mini-game. Pick up the magnet in the top center of the scene. Login via social network. If you click on the wrong type of glass it will take away one of your filled mugs for each incorrect cup you try to fill.


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Click on the half picture the aliens left behind on the table. Put the Angry Dog to Sleep Once the barrel organ has been assembled, click on the handle so it can play a tune. Pick up the glass cutter in the lower left side of the scene, it slrill below the umbrella.

To use a hint, simply click on the filled hint button in the lower right side of the scene. Make several successful rounds and you will sprikl the mini-game.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this spri,l The next 5 screenshots will show you the items you need to find for each set of items.