Several game mechanics are reversed in a humorous way, making the game nearly impossible to play. But once you’ve unlocked the next map, you can decide from a list which map you want to play. His double jump ability is a multi-thok homing attack with an additional Armageddon Shield blast killing enemies nearby. This is the only point where the sprites overlap and a player would pass through his own shadow. Modifications Source code modifications.


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It serves no purpose aside from aesthetic enhancement. Among the most popular of these are bots for Match and Co-opseveral custom abilities and super forms for certain addon characters, and an incomplete role-playing map called SA City.

All projectile-shooting enemies including the Egg Mobile will be shot forward while the projectile stays in place. Each consecutive jump will be higher than the last, but their srbb2jte are fixed as opposed to the first jump, where letting go of the button early allows for shorter jumps.

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For example, if set to off, the shadow of a player in midair will show exactly where he will land. After the lobby, you go to the main hub map. Although the ring is rewarded to the player after that, this mechanic disrupts gameplay heavily and makes Special Stages nearly impossible. Because the console does not differentiate between uppercase and lowercase letters in 1. Oct 30, 3: Upon releasing Spin Dash, the player immediately lands on the ground. The player loses height while performing the maneuver, and it will automatically cease when the player touches the ground.


If you don’t specify a name, the bot is named after its skin with “bot” afterwards, e. If you don’t specify a color, the bot will use the skin’s prefcolor. Repeat this process at the end of the second jump to execute a triple jump.

To execute Chaos Control, the player needs a Chaos Emerald of any color and at least 20 rings. Super Metal Sonic can fly around with the same ease as if he were on the ground.

SuperVirus Eggman from SRB2JTE By crazygame – Roblox

Adds a bot to the game with you as its leader in Co-op. It ranges from 0—31 and defaults to 1.

However, even though they are quite useless in Co-op, they serve srb2nte dangerous opponents in Match due to their perfect aim. To execute it, you need 20 rings and must stb2jte Spin Dash while in mid-air. Get more out of your Kongregate experience. HMS immediately turns super upon starting any level, regardless of whether he has collected Chaos Emeralds or not. Upload Your Game Our Publishing Program With our publishing program, we can help get your games to millions of users on multiple platforms!

Waiting Zone is a level designed purely for preparing a server for using SA City, which is otherwise not selectable on starting up a server. The skin name parameter is optional, and you can put in any skin that you have added to the game. The hub map is also where SRB2 Universe’s ssrb2jte quests were to be started, but none of these were programmed.


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If necessary, the two srb2jtw can be connected via teleporting. When starting up SRB2JTE, there is a chance that the normal title sequences will be replaced by a strange and dark sequence featuring the Supervirus. Shadows can be toggled with the shadow variable via the console. To create a dark world copy of a map, it must be placed next to the point of origin.


If you spend 40 seconds on the level without dying or defeating the boss, the screen will start to crackle and tint itself red in a similar fashion as that of the title screen.

To compensate, -noholiday manually deactivates a holiday that would otherwise be triggered. Ten of them are immediately subtracted upon activating the move, and the rest will be drained constantly while performing the maneuver.