It is difficult to segregate. He kept ordering dishes to feed me till I threw my hands up. Later I joined AIR as casual staff in The Times of India. Printable version Jan 4, 5: My style is both dhrupad centric and khayal centric.

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Artist Profiles: Tejendra Narayan Majumdar

The Times of India. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

My arrival at sam is like the latter sam hocche jal khaowar ttejendra. The space between Ma and Pa can be both swift and deliberately stretched.

Understanding a raga is no less than understanding a person: Tejendra Narayan Majumdar

Now, they are beginning to understand the importance of good grooming. Natural process takes its time while pre-composed music produces photo finish. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Similarly, a single note gives away the identity of a raga. Views Read Edit View history.

He could reduce the volume of a longish meend and then again increase the volume. Previous Post Artist Profiles: Later I joined AIR as casual staff in Undoubtedly, he possesses an uncanny ability to take the listeners from all walks of life along tjeendra him; both on and off the stage.


He has performed at most of tejendra narayan majumdar major concert venues, as well as touring in tejendra narayan majumdar U. Printable version Jan 4, 5: An extremely busy musician, he took six months to decide whether or not to accept me as his disciple. His grandfather, Bhibuti Ranjan Majumdar, and father Ranjan Majumdar provided early inspiration and guided the young prodigy through the initial part of manumdar learning.

One can bring vocalism through such technical brilliance and feel. As a member of the ballet unit of the legendary Uday Shankar he toured extensively, and, when in town, accompanied dancers, arranged music for recordings. Albeit fond of vegetarian food, Khan saheb also relished Indian cuisine like kebabs and biryani. Through his own endeavors and practice and with the benefit of all these influences, Tejendra has successfully developed a unique style of playing incorporating the dynamic instrumental approach, tantrakari with the melodic, lyrical majumdae tejendra narayan majumdar known as gayaki.

My uncle learnt sarod under Ustad Bahadur Khan. He is married to Manasi Majumdar and has one son, Indrayudh. Almost all the Kolkata-soirees this winter saw him cast his spell with the mellow, emotion-charged melody of his sarod, steeped in the essence of the raga and spiced up with thrillingly intelligent mathematical permutations of rhythm-play.


This Indian music-related biographical article is a stub.

Understanding a raga is no less than understanding a person: Tejendra Narayan Majumdar – The Hindu

His first majumsar was his grandfather and when jarayan wore the old man out tejendra narayan majumdar his father took over. That opened the floodgates. Please Email the Editor. Feather-light movement of the wrist-joint and equally light hold on jawa plectrumto ensure a gentle stroke only on one string, demands well-mastered precision.

But frankly, Baba came from Bangladesh, stayed in Calcutta and learnt several instruments from several maestros. There was no recorder in those days. My style is both dhrupad centric and khayal centric. He stood first in the All India Radio music competition in and was awarded the President’s tejenddra medal and the Pandit D. One can tell by touching the nail of an intimately known person. Deepak Raja’s world of Hindustani Music Blog.