Syngas enthalpy functions were improved in the temperature range — F, — C. Its comprehensive software suite is the most mature and widely-used of its genre in the world, with over seven million runs per year. Advanced engineering talent is not just used to derive the models and direct program development, but to actually write the programs, and then only after an extensive period of training and observation at Thermoflow. What makes it so easy to use is that most inputs are automatically created by intelligent design procedures within the program, while granting the user the flexibility to make any changes or adjustments. What’s New in Thermoflow Facilities have been included to allow by-passing the GT MASTER physical models of major equipment, if desired, and substituting user-defined functional relationships or curves instead. The database presently includes over different engine specs.

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When the optional through-flow node is connected, this icon behaves like a flow dictator with user-selectable priority. Tutorials Here you will find video tutorials showing Thermoflow’s programs in action. ByThermoflow had invested overman-hours of technical excellence in the development of the software products; which are now in Version 27, thirty years after the initial launch of GT PRO.

Examples of applications that have been built into GT PRO over the years include ability to analyze economics and optimize plant design based on annual cycle, instead of a design-point snapshot, allowing consideration of seasonal variations and fuel consumption during start-ups and shut-downs. A built-in hour cycle model analyzes operation of a plant equipped with inlet air thermoclow and chilled water storage tanks, facilitating the optimization of chiller capacity and tank size, and how to schedule their operation over the hour cycle.

Basic concepts are introduced through the construction of an open cycle gas turbine plant. Engines added to the database RR B Indeed, it may be reasonably assumed that virtually any gas turbine combined-cycle plant built anywhere in the world during this period has been modeled by GT PRO, whether by the owner, developer, financier, consultant, engineer, equipment manufacturer, constructor or operator. This has minimized errors or oversights, all too common in large engineering models, and ensured that all modeling approximations are fully analyzed and understood before being carefully incorporated into the programs.


Its comprehensive software suite is the most mature and widely-used of its genre in the world, with over seven million runs per year. It houses components used to process flue gasses, which had previously been located on various tabs. This group of text and graphics reports provides an accounting of exergy loss in thermoflow gt pro major systems in the combined cycle plant. The accuracy of a software model, on the other hand, is much harder to discern. However, re-running old files using this new logic will yield changes in computed boiler size, weight, and cost.

The scope, flexibility, and level of detail in GT PRO has been continuously growing since it was first released in ; and the version has over 4, user-adjustable inputs.

The process of migrating Thermoflow software to be compatible with Windows Vista is underway. It is all too easy to concentrate on the visible facade of thermoflow gt pro graphics and sales hype, rather than the unseen core of knowledge that only an expert can perceive. An overview of how to incorporate PEACE components into your model, the difference between obtaining component thermoflow gt pro vs.

Walkthrough of How Theemoflow Model A Steam Cycle A walkthrough of how to model thermofolw steam cycle, from the choice of choice of components to input selection. Theroflow each case, all the user had to do was enter about a dozen key, thermoflow gt pro selections and inputs from amongst the thousands available in GT PRO; then leave the automatic thrmoflow built into GT PRO to deal with the rest of the design creation process.

This chapter covers newly added components used for syngas production, cooling, and cleanup. Whereas gross errors are obvious, subtle modeling inaccuracies that produce no violations of heat and mass balances generally go unnoticed.


Thermoflow Overview

For any option it creates, it also computes fuel demand curves across a range of loads and ambient. Tuning features thermooflow been included for major equipment to permit entering vendor guarantee points, thermoflow gt pro instruct GT MASTER to derive correction factors to superpose on its underlying physical models to match these guarantee points, then logically interpolate between them at other conditions.

All our engineers who do any programming on our thermoflow gt pro hold Ph. We expect thermofkow next version will be compatible with Gh, to the extent possible. PDE takes away much of GT PRO’s flexibility and replaces it by a high degree of automated, expert logic to identify suitable schemes, configuration details, and design parameters.

The excellence of a manufactured product in the power industry is tangible.


Feature Webinar Presentation Slides If you have a Thermoflow Service Center account, you can login to your account to access video recordings thetmoflow all the below Webinars:. Six additional South African coal specs were added. Features needed to model brown-coal boilers are now available.

thermoflow gt pro Thermorlow a result, it typically requires only a few minutes to create a new plant design. This allows the user to create and compare many plant options, and variations within each, to find the most suitable design, both technically and economically. Explains the difference between Design and Off-Design mode and how each mode affects components. These developments along with a number of other smaller improvements are described in more detail below.

Modelling Solar Thermal Systems.

First of our introductory videoseries.