Rob Rock provides much of the needed power metal stereotypes and basically brings this as close as possible to being a Stratovarius album, and particularly shines on “To The Edge Of The World”, a song that reminds heavily of the triumphant late 90s speeder off of “Visions”. This is the first release of a trilogy of albums that will be recorded by Timo Tolkki’s Avalon project, so there is still hope for a future masterpiece. Originally written for The Metal Observer. Megadeth Rust In Peace. Saw them live last year but their sound tech was way off so I hope to see them again soon.

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Metal Operas have avlaon very popular and Avalon is certainly not the first to introduce this. Timo Tolkki is proud to present the cast for the forthcoming Avalon II album. Saw them live last year but their sound tech was way off so I hope to see them again soon. Angels of the Apocalypse.

Be sure timo tolkki avalon check out the profiles and enjoy the exclusive videogreetings made by yimo musicians! Genre fans should definitely get this release because of its surprisingly great quality. Timo Tolkki returns with a new metal opera project. Fans also like Avantasia The Paradise Lost [Lyric Video]. Tolkki is a heavy metal legend best known for his work as a guitarist and songwriter in power metal giant, Stratovarius.


Avalon (Finnish band)

Tuomo Lassila on drums the founder of Stratovarius and Antti Ikonen on keyboards the original keyboard player of Stratovarius. Timo Tolkki is a fabulous musician and deserves all of the credit in the world that he receives for his work.

Advertise on Timo tolkki avalon Storm. If you’ve been disappointed by Timo Tolkki’s post-Strato work, give this one an honest shot. Write your own review. A World Without Us. Retrieved 30 March The music on offer ranges from double bass driven power metal to melodic hard rock, pop-rock and a few softer ballads.

Avalon (Finnish band) – Wikipedia

This song is all European power metal is about and guest singer Michael Kiske definitely delivers an outstanding job on this amazing album closer. For example in the 10 minute title track of the album, she delivers in my opinion the best timo tolkki avalon of her career so far.

Metallica Master Of Puppets. I suppose tino there were anything on this planet I could actually say was made better by the existence of ABBA, it would be that they helped inspire Timo Tolkki.

Music isn’t something that a person can just up and quit, as the recent timo tolkki avalon of Metal Church and Running Wild after folding up the tents a few years prior suggest.


Avalon is formatized in the sense that for example in a live situation, anyone of the vocalists could sing in the live show. Retrieved 28 October Sure, the concept is a little cliche and cheesy the last inhabitants of earth trying to survive and resurrect civilization Robert “Rob” Rock tolki vocals.

Visions of Europe Infinite Visions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The opener ” Avalanche Anthem ” starts the album very successfully. The only real complaint I have is that Elize Timo tolkki avalon gets maybe a little too much attention for someone with such a “meh” voice.

The first singer from the cast is Simone Simons of Epica. Russell meets Rob is a recipe for perfection, nearly as good as Russell meets Jorn. In fact, the band’s sound has expanded exponentially since avlaon Timo Tolkki left in Heavy metal supergroups Finnish power metal musical groups Finnish symphonic metal musical groups Musical groups established in Virgin Black Requiem – Pianissimo.