There’s also a music app called “Music Mate” which features a drum kit you play by tilting the phone in one of four directions. Coupled with Telstra’s Whereis mapping software you have quite a capable navigation solution. The speed of the software is completely ok, the device functions without problems, everything works as it has to; the use of Wi is logical, simple and fast. The Wi is no exception, however, these funky apps are so cool we feel compelled to talk about them. On closer inspection, the Wi’s design highlights bring the phone to life.

w760i themes

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The small bump under the display is no big deal, but the spotted metal surface on the bottom of the phone is very unique with the Walkman logo in its center.

It handles four types of entries meeting, vacation, birthday, otherthese can be repetitive and in case of conflicting events it warns us. Internet browser, mobile Email client. Under the start and end call keys you find speaker grills which are illuminated when the screen lights up.

Above all, it also looks good, especially when there is light, as there is an arched grating near the side circles, which lets a bit of blue-grey light come through, thus providing a fascinating look. On closer inspection, the Wi’s design highlights tbemes the phone to life. This latter one has a small icon on top of the ring, it cannot be missed. Route planning is reasonably fast; only basic parameters can be altered at display and fine-tune settings: It has everything our favourite Wi Walkman phone has, plus adds GPS to its list of included goodies.


Some things are now animated, which is really pleasant, like the key-screen popping up when locking the keypad, or the change between large and small characters when writing messages.

w760i themes

Furthermore, Wi is a really fine handset from other points of view too, it is well though-out and nicely designed. Wi was the themew of the kind, this has become a real legend, and was followed by phones with all kinds of design and features, but most importantly: Google tablet vs iPad or Surface?

Sony-Ericsson Wi themes – free download mob. Although Wi also prefers the internal memory, we can set it to save new names to the SIM card too, this being a kind of backup. From pen and paper to mobile app. There is a low number of settings, there is not much extra besides the basic ones white balance, picture quality, size, delayed self-timer.

Sony-Ericsson W760i themes – free download

Sound quality is quite fine through a headset, but it has a lot of boominess through the speakers, there is no bass, but this is nothing surprising from a plastic case thems. AccuWeather does what it name tells — forecasts weather; it downloads information from the internet, so a net connection is required.

Sony Ericsson Wi – the music navigates. We can assign any function we would like to the left and right directions of the navigation ring; pressing it downwards makes the phonebook pop up, while the upper direction takes us to the submenu of navigational functions. Of course it tells something completely different than the local official weather forecast, but this is specific of its genre.


The built-in RDS radio functions all right as usual and theme is the TrackID for getting information about music tracks in case we have an Internet connection.

Overall There’s so much to like about this latest Walkman. A solid foundation for future data centre developments. The phone, available in many colors, was shining only in red in our hands. Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription.

W themes. Free Violet profond theme for Sony Ericsson W

Rock Bubblehead is also thmes to mention, which is in fact a completely useless app: In truth, this silver slider is quite conventional looking until you get up close and personal. How to find out the version of my platform?

w760i themes

At local level tgemes have version 2. The quick menu still contains missed events, favorite websites, running applications and a user-editable list in a tabbed window. To view all themes for Sony-Ericsson Wi, click here:. To put it short, Wayfinder looks like a really pleasant software in this form. Apple iPhone 7 Plus 9.