Another band that comes to mind is Tigertailz-Now they seem to have borrowed quite a bit from Wratchild as well. Wrathchild always reminded me of a punk band that was more in tune with their feminine side.. No other band was this on fire musically at the time of its release, other than maybe Motley Crue. I love spinning this every now and then. Some of you are totally right, these boys were Poison before Poison. I guess it’s sort of okay and relatively harmless, but oh dear, when even I think it’s just too lame I start thinking there are problems Great melodies on top of 3 chord wonder.

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It is true that the record quality is terrible and the tracks seem so simple.

Well, scratch the last one More info at www. Always felt this album owed WAY more to 70’s glam than 80’s hair metal. This is a great CD and one of the earliest of the 80’s glam movement. Good melodies and nice choruses from a group than at that time a magazine published wrathchild stakk attakk Rocky Shades were considered to supply Vince Neil in Motley Crue, when he was in troubles with the dead of Razzle drummer from Hanoi Rocks on an accident car.


You poison trash, here is your infuence, Wratchild was the original idea that you copy in a bad bad version. These wrathchild stakk attakk suck hard.

Wrathchild always wrathcgild me of a punk band that was more in wrathchlld with their feminine side. I also have their ‘live in London’ in VHS, I bought in ebay and it rocks hard, amazing live video with fire bombs and pyrotecnia. This album is great, I love it.

wrathchild stakk attakk I want this record on CD! If you see any errors or omissions in the Wrathchild stakk attakk information shown above, either in the musician credits or song listings cover song credits, live tracks, etc. This is what 80s sleaze metal is all about! If punk rock married glam you’d have Wrathchild!!!

Just purchased the reissued version of ‘Delerium’ and ‘Stakk Attakk’. Want to talk rock and metal? I love the likes of Pretty Boy Floyd, Tigertailz, Bang Gang and a million unsigned glam bands, but just couldn’t take these guys. Great great record from a great great band. It goes to show that it takes more than misspelled song titles, hairspray, and makeup to make a decnt CD. Production could have been better had they been signed to a major record label at the time of release.

Stakk Attakk

They are extremely bad. HUGE ‘randy’ English vibe here on this disc. Great wrathchild stakk attakk, great riffs and cool songs. Please click here to log in or create a Username for leaving comments.


There wasn’t really anything I couldn’t live without. Sleazy guitars and catchy vocals, Highly recommended!!!! These guys had a lot more attitude than talent. Cool album cool riffs!

Wrathchild – Stakk Attakk CD. Heavy Harmonies Discography

Yes the production left much to be desired well attakkk any money was spent,so what wrathchild stakk attakk you expect but the songs were pure glam. EPs and CD-singles from Wrathchild are also welcome to be added, as long as they are at least 4 songs in length. Wrathdhild ads are FREE for bands and labels. Some of you are totally right, these boys were Poison before Poison. Come join the Heavy Harmonies message board! Talentless shitty band why i ever waste my money to this, best part was when i sold it, avoid!!!!!