The Academy of Electronic Music connects the producers, the record label and the global dance music lovers. Best of Popular house The top voted Youtube comment or the most original joke? Full specter EDM samples collection. Women in Dubstep DJ and production. DrumandBass thebassland JumpUp thebassland Drumstep thebassland.

xkore umad

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Technical article discussing and reviewng some of the latest kick drum synths giving much control over a big set of bass drum parameters.

xKore Live Showbox Sodo

Does this track need a description? Codename X Truth Remix. The Academy of Electronic Music connects the producers, the record label and the global dance music lovers. You could check the EP of this guy xkoge Bassdrums require more and more control so there are two options – wave files from drums sample packs or pricey drum synths giving some control.

xkore umad

Submit your tracks for free for bigger audience. Flux Pavillion – Bass Cannon Nicky Romero Kick Synth. Fuzion – Blackout umaf. Skrillex – Died This Way 4.


Best of Bassmusic megamixes and Dubstep drops

Mainstream worldofdrumandbassOther worldofdrumandbass ReijaLee worldofdrumandbassxKore worldofdrumandbass. Captain Panic-Scrub unreleased If you can listen to it on your phone speaker, it’s probably not Dubstep.

In fact I’ve been trying to figure out chords and stuff by slowing songs down but deconstruction gives more information to be honest. Video preffered over original mix because of the nature of ‘taking a selfie’. Lazy Jay – Uumad on the rocks. Doctor P – Sweetshop 1.

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xkore umad

You can learn Ableton Live or Logic Pro via our online courses or in our state-of-the-art studios in Hoxton. Big bass drums tutorials and synths. Link to the original artist or label wherever possible. This final single package contains two incredible remixes u,ad from Ferry Tayle and Pinkque alongside Le Saux’s original. Hall of Fame free instrumentals download.

50HURTZ: Proxy / XKore / Inspector Dubplate e.a.

Any thread breaking these rules will be removed with extreme prejudice: It’s simply brutal dubstep! I clearly just wrote in the comment before that I was? Xkode downloaded house tracks.


According to reddit open link in new tab: In the years when electronic music nowadays called EDM has it’s start at going slightly bigger in a world dominated by guitar driven and natural non-processed music, this track was like something from outer space. Claim or contact us about this channel. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Firepower Records Release Date: Freefall xKore Remix [feat.