However, as she began her career more than two decades earlier, she had not in fact, adopted the Italian singing technique known as bel canto , but rather learned singing from many admirable models of her own period and in Egypt where a much more diverse group of singers performed, and at a time when Arabic singing utilized both nasal and chest resonance. November 25, Mediterranean Sea. Amirat at-tarab was-saif wan-nada Asmahan: When the Allies failed to carry out their promise for Syrian independence, Asmahan tried to contact the Nazis in Turkey, but was stopped at the border and sent to Lebanon. The clearly defined divisions, along religious lines, of the Syrian countryside did not operate in Egypt. In she returned to Syria in a dramatic and secret journey under the auspices of the British.

ya toyour asmahan

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Ya Toyour Lyrics – Golden Arabic Lyrics

Her third and final marriage was to the Egyptian director Ahmed Salemsupposedly to facilitate her return to Egypt over impositions by government authorities. Archived August 9,at the Wayback Machine. Asmahan’s older brother, Fuad, and asmaham Druze relatives considered a career in entertainment for a girl to be disgraceful.

She was on a secret mission to notify her people in Jabal al-Druze that the British and Free French forces would be invading Syria through their territory, and to convince them they should not fight.

Asmahan and her family first lived in an apartment in a humble section of Cairo. From Wikipedia, asmayan free encyclopedia. Retrieved 5 August — via Google Books. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Asmahan’s voice has been compared to Fairuz and Sabah.


British intelligence, for example, after many reports circulated claiming she had been working for them, was accused of having got rid toyojr her after she had attempted to meet with German agents.

Asmahan – Amal al-Atrash – Ya toyour

After the French came into power, toyoue family returned to Jabal al-druze. Journalists spread gossip about her turbulent personal life and an alleged espionage role in World War II. Retrieved from ” https: Amirat at-tarab was-saif wan-nada Asmahan: She was also called “Emily”, but always preferred the name “Amal”.

Asmahan was close friends with the al Othman family and met with them when she travelled to Haifa, Palestine, when they helped her. Asmahan was proud of her family background, [22] and always mentioned her father and his cousin, Sultan al-Atrashto clarify her ancestry — once saying to al-Taba’i, after he had just insulted her, “Don’t you know who I am?

I prefer the work of Farid, and the work of Umm Kulthum, and of art. He was much impressed by the performance, and suggested the stage name of Asmahan to her. Her cousin, Hassan al-Atrash travelled to Egypt, intending to propose to a different relative, however, once he saw Asmahan, he pursued her and she returned to Syria for at least five and half years, interrupting her musical career.

Her mother did laundry and sewing to support the family. However, her brothers wanted her to asmahaj and return to Syria. Ana elly Astahel Ayna al-Layaly? Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. When her first film, Intisar al-Shababwas released in Syria, one young Druze shot at the screen when the character played by Asmahan appeared.


ya toyour asmahan

Asmahan gave birth to her daughter, Kamellia. Asmahan’s voice was powerful, but also agile. This page was last edited on 30 Novemberat In her final confrontation with her cousin at Mena House Hotel in Gizashe told him, “I stood with you for independence and liberation, I did.

This allowed her to cover the costs of her children’s school’s tuition, and a nicer apartment on Habib Shalabi Street. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Asmahan.

Asmahan – Wikipedia

The Egyptian Media Production City and a private investor jointly produced a television series depicting the life and death of Asmahan.

Historical Dictionary of the Druzes. This asmajan needs expansion.

In order to xsmahan waivers for the high cost of tuition, ‘Alia registered them under the alias Kusah meaning “courgette” rather than trying to convince school officials that members of the wealthy [ citation needed ] al-Atrash family were destitute. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. The princess of music, war and grace al-‘Adyat magazine, p.

ya toyour asmahan