I have read of select 8s having two 4 gig chips, but not many. When i use ZiPhone 2. Hey RG, Will upgrading my iTunes to 7. The message that it gives me is this: I tried in on my 16 gb iPod and everything went smoothly. Use a stop-watch to time it. Please go read it.

ziphone gui

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Problem With iPhone Connectivity To ZiPhone – ModMyForums

Spamming At error is an error with earlier version of ZiPhone. In the information box: I really want to giu the Cydia package. The firmware file is now in your Home folder.

It works just like it did in my Intel Mac, except …. So if I restore the iPod, could I still retain my warranty? This method only works on 1. Also, do you know if a restored iPod will have any trace of jailbreaking? Enjoy your iPod touch!


Let’s Jailbreak using ZiPhone GUI | RupertGee iBlog @

You blogged that you upgraded to 1. So let me tell you a little. Then I ran ZiPhone, and 2 minutes later I had a freshly jailbroken 1. I got a iphone 32gb. So this version worked very well. If nothing good comes from it then I jailbreak. Reset All Settings Someone did that and his keyboard no longer freezes.

Fedemac Here you go.

I appreciate the apology, as there was indeed some misunderstandings. Jeremy — how can I tell if my 8gb iPod has 2x4gb chips? The only thing you need to do is keep an eye out on his posts at http: Hey Rupert, the Pwnage thing seems cool, but complicated… Any chance on a guide once it comes guu Thanks for the feedback.

Problem With iPhone Connectivity To ZiPhone

Rupert- I knew that it might not work. This left me with a restored 1.

Thanks for explaining the tab turning white issue. How do I make sure I get the exact file, and that no billgatization is done?


ziphone gui

There are youtube links on their announcement page. Actually, maybe you should look up how best to protect it. I would bet, that when it is released full fledged 16 gig support will be included.

ziphone gui

Tags for this Thread connectivity problemiphone aitunesziphone. And sorry, there was a good degree of misdirected zihone in my original post. No, I just looked… The place I get stuck is the 1. This site uses cookies.

My iPod touch is just like before the firmware upgrade — working great. Apparently he ordered a 32GB with parts of the donated money. Has he stated so, do zpihone know?