CSP is a command line version of Chaoscope batch renderer. Discuss Fractal Forums Cyclops 10 November 05, , Peter Jansen , a Dutch artist, has created a series of Strange Attractor sculptures with the help of an experimental version of Chaoscope. At least I would hope so. My first batch is posted below.


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I’d be thrilled just to get those parameters into Incendia though. November 05, Continue to app Rating: Add a review Tell us your experience with Chaoscope 0. He has bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Louisville, where he has also lectured on computer crime and crime prevention.

Here are the parameters: Check out the originating “3d Mandelbulb” thread here. Free Newsletters, Chaosxope your Inbox. Peter Jansena Dutch artist, has created a series of Strange Attractor sculptures with the help of an experimental version of Chaoscope.

File:Attractor Chaotic Flow – Rendering Plasma – Chaoscope – (1).png – Wikimedia Commons

Make sure you render them in either Gas or Liquid mode. It is an ongoing project created and maintained by Nicolas Desprez ; the current version is 0. Did it just move someplace newer and chaoscopf



Prior to joining TechRepublic inBill was an IT manager, database administrator, and desktop supp Sockratease on September 15, Administrator Fractal Senior Posts: That would save lots of effort and the hassle of sending large obj files through the interwebs.

It is run from the Windows or Linux command prompt. The Internet Archive – Wayback Machine is sometimes useful for sites that go offline If it doesn’t come back you can try here.

CSP was tested on Ubuntu 9. I was about to send a friend a link to the Chaoscope website, but when doing my usual check to confirm the web address, I got a Laughing Squid Web Hosting page and the entire site at http: What happened to my latest upload?


Logo by mauxuam – Contribute your own Logo! With a tilt of your device, you control the parameters of beautiful mathematical objects called strange attractors, the reaction rates of a chemical oscillator, the The setup process was surprisingly easy well, it helped that our incredibly talented tech-wizard, Allen Karns, had already figured all the steps! The rendering quality is identical to that of Chaoscope 0. I conceived and developed a new geometry of nature and implemented its use in a number of diverse fields.


Fortunately, after a little research online, I was able to hack into my Kindle and change the screensavers. chaosdope

Chaoscope fractals showcase the beauty of chaos

I found a copy of the image, but the parameters will take a little longer There are lots of things you can do in this window. Choose your installation method: Sockratease on September 18, Many thanks to Jim Hauser, Paul N. The latest version is 0. Until now the program was downloaded times. Even if you know nothing about the mathematics behind fractals, this can be a really rewarding project for your students. After a few minutes you will be up and running, making beautiful chaosvope art.