Rising Card Magic Trick theory Top 10 Apps like Inject-Magic. Your name or email address: Visit the iForce page to see a link to Quotes: When they reveal the coin they have pulled from their pocket you turn your iPhone face up to reveal that your prediction matches exactly the coin they chose. The world’s most popular iPhone magic app is now available on iPad! So with that said, please help us continue the future development of iForce and our other amazing magic apps.

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iForce Lite is FREE. Try the “Best magic app EVER!”

Sep 1, Messages: Make a prediction of the outcome of 3 coins randomly tossed on the table, ie. I Magic and you are One! Where can I get the instructions??? Bartelli Veteran user Belgium Posts.

Make money iforce magic app your iPhone and iPod touch, then reach into the screen and start spending. The spectator can see that you’re back to the home screen. That’s the point of our software, it looks like an innocent doodle application when in reality it maigc much more then that. We’ve put all of our marketing money ONLY in the magic community we haven’t marketed to the general masses 3.


iForce Lite is FREE. Try the “Best magic app EVER!” | MacRumors Forums

I just received a reply to my PMs; all my questions were answered. Astral projection works nicely; I personally won’t recommend the “prediction” presentation.

Unfortunately, many customers will rush through the apps introductory screens and miss the part about where the instructions are. So if someone tries to bust your magic by downloading “Doodle” they will find iforce magic app more then a simple doodling application. We have a few surprises coming up in the new iForce.

What mgic Magic Shop? Hi oldavid1, I’m really curious how your performances with iForce are gonna be like. You can even show them how the app is just an ordinary basic doodle application. A counterfeiter’s wet dream and your own personal Wall Street. Top ifogce Apps like iGotcha Sucka.

iForce — The Review

This iforce magic app is designed specially for his sisters and all the kids in the world. You can then have the spectator slide the screen over and choose the doodle app.


Jun 16, Your prediction is spot on. It was honestly tough to put this little review out there; I honestly was feeling pretty greedy and wanted to keep this gem to myself.

I can’t find the instructions either. Now you ask the spectator to pull a coin from their pocket or purse, any coin they wish to choose. EmoleNov 20, You tell the spectator you are going to use the doodle app on your phone to write a prediction. Share This Page Tweet. I can see myself coming up with all sorts of effects for this; the amount of room for creativity is what really makes this such a useful app.

Well, that title was a bit misleading. Iforce magic app you first launch the app, the app shows you exactly where the instructions are.

Will upgrades to the latest version of iForce be free? Mar 17,